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OpenFlow Campus Trials at BBN
a.k.a. OFBBN

Technical Contacts

Josh Smift Josh Smift Heidi Picher Dempsy

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BBN, Cambridge MA

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Josh Smift Josh Smift


Support the variosu other OpenFlow Campus Trials projects, and set up an OpenFlow deployment at BBN.

Current Capabilities

  • Two OpenFlow VLANs (811 and 812 for experimental traffic)
  • Two hosts on each VLAN
  • One OpenFlow switch (NEC)
  • FlowVisor, SNAC, and NOX controllers

Here's the a snapshot of the current OpenFlow configuration at BBN. It's very simplistic, with two VLANs, each of which is controlled by a separate controller; we aren't using the FlowVisor to slice the network in any other interesting ways yet.

Diagram of the BBN OpenFlow testbed

On naxos, we have:

  • An instance of SNAC listening on port 50811
  • An instance of NOX 0.6.0 listening on port 50812
  • An instance of the FlowVisor listening on port 6633

The Flowvisor configs:

--> vlan811.switch
Name: switch811
DatapathID: 00:00:e2:b8:dc:3b:08:11
ID: 811

--> vlan812.switch
Name: switch812
DatapathID: 00:00:e2:b8:dc:3b:08:12
ID: 812

--> vlan811.guest
Name: slice811
ID: 811
Host: tcp:localhost:50811
AllowedPorts: none switch812
AllowedPorts: 0-48 switch811
FlowSpace: allow: 

--> vlan812.guest
Name: slice812
ID: 812
Host: tcp:localhost:50812
AllowedPorts: none switch811
AllowedPorts: 0-48 switch812
FlowSpace: allow: 

On cayenne:

  • VLAN 811, on ports 2 and 3, with hosts camlach and chowat
  • VLAN 812, on ports 4 and 5, with hosts marsilikos and montreve
  • OpenFlow virtual switch DPID 0xe2b8dcb0811 on VLAN 811, pointing to naxos:6633
  • OpenFlow virtual switch DPID 0xe2b8dcb0811 on VLAN 812, pointing to naxos:6633

The OpenFlow virtual switch configs on cayenne:

setvsi 811 2,3,48.811 tcp dpid 0xe2b8dc3b0811 max-backoff 15 wildcardlimit 50
setvsi 812 4,5,48.812 tcp dpid 0xe2b8dc3b0812 max-backoff 15 wildcardlimit 50

The DPID on cayenne is 0x folowed by the last four octets of the MAC address of the admin interface of the switch followed by the VLAN ID. (This can be any arbitrary 48-bit number you want; I picked that convention because it seemed likely to be relatively collision-free and easy to understand.) The DPID in the FlowVisor is 00:00 followed by the last four octets of the MAC address of the admin interface of the switch followed by the VLAN ID, because when the NEC switch sends its DPID to the controller, it sends its DPID with 00:00 prepended. HP and Toroki switches use different conventions for DPIDs.



Project Technical Documents

Spiral 2 Connectivity

Campus Network Connectivity Diagram

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