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     4= Prework =
     5   1. Download and install [ VirtualBox] on your machine, we have tested versions 4.1.12
     6      * If your computer runs Ubuntu 10.04 which comes with !VirtualBox 3.1.6_OSE, please download the latest version of !VirtualBox.
     7   2. [ Download] the VM image
     8   3. Run !VirtualBox and Import Appliance (File->Import Appliance), accept the default settings for the VM.
     9      * If you are using a FAT32 filesystem you will NOT be able to load the image.
     10   4. Start the VM and log in
     11   5. Change the default password, on the task bar on the top, click on the right on the user 'geni', and choose the Change Password button.
     12   6. Verify that the VM has connectivity. Start Firefox (shortcut on the top bar) and try to load Google. If you can't reach any website, restore VM's Network connection.
     13      * On the far right on the top bar, there is the network icon (two opposite facing arrows).
     14      * Click that icon and choose 'Auto eth0'.
     15      * Try loading the webpage again.
     17= Useful Tips =
     18   * You '''can copy-paste''' between the host and the guest VM.
     19   * In the terminal within the VM, use '''Ctrl-Shift-C to copy''' and '''Ctrl-Shift-V to paste'''.
     20   * vim and emacs editors are installed on the VM, so feel free to use them for editing your files.
     21   * To replace a pattern within the file:
     22      * If you are using vim, while in command mode, type:
     23      {{{
     24      %s/pattern/replace_text/gc
     25      }}}
     26      And press 'y' for the instances of the pattern you want replaced, 'n' otherwise.
     27      * If you are using emacs, press Alt-x and then type:
     28      {{{
     30      }}}
     31      and press ENTER. Enter the pattern to be replaced, press ENTER, enter the text you want to replace it with and press ENTER. Press 'y' for the instances of the pattern you want replaced, 'n' otherwise.
     32   * If you want to have a shared folder between your machine and the VM so that it's easier to transfer files during the tutorial, you have to do this before starting the VM. Follow [ these instructions]   
     33   * If you get an error running Omni, look at the [ troubleshoot page] for help.