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    107107= 5. Create an experiment =
    108108Now that your project is all setup, you are ready to run your first GENI experiment. For the purpose of this tutorial we are going to use a sample assignment that compares a UDP based transfer protocol with a TCP one. 
     112<table border="0">
     114      <tr>
     115        <td>
     117        <img border="0" src="" alt="Create a GENI Project"  height="150" title="Create a GENI Project" /> </a>
     118       </td>
     119       <td >
     120         <ol>
     121            <li> Go to the <i>Home</i> tab. </li>
     122           <li> In the project that '''you''' created press the <b>Create Slice</b> button</li>
     123            <li> <FONT COLOR="red">As a slice name use <code>udt</code>, you can leave the description empty and press <b>Create Slice</b></font>
     124            </li>
     125            <li> Check your email, you might have an invitation from another user</li>
     126            <li>Follow the instructions about joining their project.</li>
     128            <li>Check your email for the request that someone joined your project and follow the instructions to add them to your project. Add your TA as an <b>Admin</b> and your student as a <b>Member</b>. This way the TA can Invite more people and/or approve join requests. </li>
     129          </ol>
     130       </td>
     132    </tr>
     133 </table>
    109136  a. Go to the '''Home''' tab
    110137  b. In the project that '''you''' created press the '''Create Slice''' button[[BR]]'''PAUSE BEFORE YOU PRESS THE  BUTTON UNTIL SARAH SAYS GO'''