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    4040= 2. Create a GENI Project =
    4141A GENI account has no priviledges outside of a Project, i.e. as long as you are not a member of a GENI Project you can not use any GENI resources. In GENI only Project Leads can create Projects. Any faculty member, or a person in a corresponding position in industry, can request to become a Project Lead and thus have the capability of creating GENI Projects.
     44<table border="0">
     46      <tr>
     47       <td >
     48         <ol>
     49            <li> In the first page of the portal, press the button <b>Ask to be a Project Lead</b></li>
     50           <li> <FONT COLOR="red"> In the <i>Modify Account</i> page that showed up, fill in your telephone number; this is necessary for people that want to become Project Leads. Also check the box at the bottom of the page that says <b>Make me a 'Project Lead' <b> and press the <b>Modify Account</b> button.</font></li>
     51            <li> From the Drop Down menu select your institutions. If you got an account through the GENI Identity Provider, please select <b>GENI Project Office</b>
     52                  <br/><b>NOTE</b>: Make sure that you <b>do not</b> choose the GENI Project Office (internal) <br/><b>Tip</b> Start typing the name of your institution and see the list become smaller.
     53            </li>
     54            <li> You will be transferred in the Login Page of your institution. Fill in your username and password </li>
     56            <li> <FONT COLOR="red">You will be transferred to an <b>Activation Page</b>. Make sure both checkboxes are checked and then press <b>Activate</b></font> </li>
     57          </ol>
     58       </td>
     59         <td>
     61        <img border="0" src="" alt="Create a GENI Project"  height="120" title="Create a GENI Project" /> </a>
     62       </td>
     63    </tr>
     64 </table>
    4368  a. In the first page of the portal, press the button '''Ask to be a Project Lead'''[[BR]]'''PAUSE BEFORE YOU PRESS THE MODIFY ACCOUNT BUTTON UNTIL SARAH SAYS GO'''