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    4242  * learn to to [#a2c.ModifyLinkParameters view and modify] the parameters of the link between the server and the client hosts
    4343=== 2a. Login to Nodes ===
     46<table border="0">
     48      <tr>
     49        <td>
     51        <img border="0" src="" alt="Create a GENI Project"  height="120" title="Create a GENI Project" /> </a>
     52       </td>
     53       <td >
     54         <ol>
     55            <li> Go to the <i>Home</i> tab. </li>
     56           <li> In the project that <b>you</b> created press the <b>Create Slice</b> button</li>
     57            <li> <FONT COLOR="black">As a slice name use <code>udt</code>, you can leave the description empty and press <b>Create Slice</b></font>
     58            </li>
     59            <li> Select <b>Add Resources</b></li>
     60            <li>Since this if the first time you are trying to reserve resources, you should see a warning on the top about not having an SSH key in your account. Access to compute resources in GENI is provide through ssh key pairs and thus the portal needs a public key to upload to compute resources. For the purposes of the tutorial we will have the portal creating an SSH key pair for you. However, if you prefer to use your personal public key you can choose to upload it. Click on the <b>Generate and Download SSH Keypair</b> button.</li>
     62            <li>Press the <b>Download Private Key</b> button</li>
     63            <li> Open a terminal and execute <code>ssh-add ~/Downloads/id_geni_ssh_rsa</code> </li>
     64            <li> <FONT COLOR="black">Go to the <i>Slices</i> tab and press again on the <b>Add Resources</b> button. This time there should be no warning. Complete the form as as shown in the picture on the left and press the <b>Reserve Resources</b> button </font></li>
     65<li> While we wait for our resources to get ready, lets look at another tool that is integrated with the portal. <FONT COLOR="black">Go to the <i>Slices</i> tab and press the <b>Launch Flack</b> button.</li>
     67          </ol>
     68       </td>
     70    </tr>
     71 </table>
    4574Follow these steps to perform a file transfer using UDT.