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The GENI ecosystem has many different communities and as you start using GENI it will be useful if you start following the activities of many of them. This page provides a list of ways to be connected with the GENI community.

Join user mailing lists

As an experimenter you should join the experimenter's mailing list. As a member of this list you will get notifications for GENI events that are of interest to experimenters as well as announcements for GENI resources and tools and will help you stay connected with other GENI experiments.

Depending on which resources and tools you are using for your experiments there are various other mailing lists that you should consider joining to get help.

GENI Resource Mailing lists Discuss issues related to ProtoGeni. Ask questions about how to use ProtoGeni, suggest new features and report bugs. Please see for more information.
[ This group is for the users of the ORCA (Open Resource Control Architecture) software being developed as a GENI Control Framework candidate, including the ExoGENI Racks. When signing up please indicate the project you are with This list is primarily meant for users of the ORBIT testbed to exchange information and discussions related to running experiments on ORBIT This is a forum for users of the PlanetLab system to share their wisdom and help new users get started, to talk about known bugs, and to informally announce new tools. It is a supportive environment tolerant of "newbie" questions and mistakes. It is intended to be more responsive than support for problems that users can solve. Its role is to help the PlanetLab community support itself where possible
seattle-users at This is a list for users of the Seattle testbed

GENI tools Mailing lists This mailing list is meant to provide support and answer questions for omni client users. Omni developers regularly read and reply to messages on this list. For other GENI questions, contact A mailing list for users of the Gush experiment control tool Use this mailing list if need help using Flack

Join the GENI Chatrooms

If you want to talk to other GENI users in real-time, please join us in the IRC channels. Read HowTo/ConnectToGENIChatRoom these instructions about how to connect to a GENI chatroom.

Join us in LinkedIn

If you have a LinkedIn account please join our GENI group. Follow this link to join our group.