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     7<area shape="poly" coords="15,14,115,12,133,32,120,51,17,50," href="" alt="Wiki Home" title="Wiki Home"   />
     8<area shape="poly" coords="125,12,142,33,123,52,231,52,253,32,233,15," href="" alt="Welcome GENI Experimenters" title="Welcome GENI Experimenters"   />
     9<area shape="poly" coords="242,13,256,32,237,52,336,56,355,30,332,11," href="" alt="Sign Up For a GENI Account" title="Sign Up For a GENI Account"   />
     10<area shape="poly" coords="344,10,363,29,344,50,540,53,553,31,532,13," href="" alt="Run Hello GENI example" title="Run Hello GENI example"   />
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     23The Global Environment for Network Innovations – <b>GENI</b> – is a suite of <b>research infrastructure</b> rapidly taking shape in prototype form across the United States. It is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, with the goal of providing a <b> laboratory environment</b> for <b>networking and distributed systems research and education</b>.  It is well suited for exploring <b>networks at scale</b> thereby promoting innovations in network science, security, services and applications.
     25           <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     26<td>  <img border="0" src="" alt="Omni Client" height="120"/> </td>
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     30           <td colspan="3">
     31GENI is a networked federation of multiple testbeds that you can use for your research. If you don't already have a GENI account, <a href=""> Sign Up! </a> and go through our <a href=""> Hello GENI example </a>.
     32If you want to find out more about GENI and how it can help you in your research please read the <a href=""> Understanding GENI page</a>.
     35           </td>
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     37 </table>
     40== Resources for experimenters ==
     41GENI is a federated virtual laboratory that provides access to multiple different testbeds to GENI experimenters, enabling networking and distributed systems research. However, the GENI ecosystem, terminology and ling might appear to be overwhelming  to a new GENI user. Don't worry, we are here to help! These are some useful pointers that will help you navigate through the GENI world. Feel free to email us with any questions you might have at [].
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     47          <td>
     48          <a
     49          href=""><img
     50          border="0"
     51          src=""
     52          alt="GENI Tutorials!"  height="90"
     53          title="Learn how to use GENI through easy to follow GENI tutorials" />
     54        </td>
     55        <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     56              <td>
     57          <a href=""><img
     58          border="0"
     59          src=""
     60          alt="GENI Resources"  height="90"
     61          title="Find out about available GENI resources" />
     62        </td>
     63            <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
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     65          <a
     66          href=""><img
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     68          src=""
     69          alt="GENI Tools!"  height="90"
     70          title="Find out what GENI Tools you can use." />
     71        </td>
     72<td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     74        <td>
     75          <a href=""><img
     76          border="0"
     77          src=""
     78          alt="GENI Q&A for new exprimenters"  height="90"
     79          title="Learn more about GENI through a Q&A for new experimenters" />
     80        </td>
     81           <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     82              <td>
     83          <a  href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="GENI Help"  height="90" title="Email us with any question about GENI" />
     84       </td>
     85           <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     86       <td>
     87          <a
     88          href=""><img
     89          border="0"
     90          src=""
     91          alt="GENI Events"  height="90"
     92          title="Participate in GENI Events for experimenters" />
     93       </td>
     94               <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     95             <td>
     96          <a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="Cite!"  height="90" title="GENI Bibliography" />
     97       </td>
     98            <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     99       <td>
     100        <a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="Cite!"  height="90" title="Mailing lists and Communication Methods for GENI Experimenters" />        </td>
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     104          <td>
     105         GENI Tutorials
     106        </td>
     107        <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     108              <td>
     109         GENI Resources
     110        </td>
     111            <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     112              <td>
     113         GENI Tools
     114        </td>
     115<td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     117        <td>
     118          QnA
     119        </td>
     120           <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     121              <td>
     122        Help using GENI
     123       </td>
     124           <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     125       <td>
     126          GENI Events
     127       </td>
     128               <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     129             <td>
     130          GENI Bibliography
     131       </td>
     132            <td> <pre>   </pre> </td>
     133       <td>
     134       GENI mailing lists
     135       </td>
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     142== Experimenter News ==
     143  * '''GENI-in-a-box''', at GEC15 Vic Thomas presented a new tool for new experimenters. [wiki:GENI-in-a-Box GENI-in-a-Box] is intended to help new experimenters get started with GENI without having to apply and get approved for a GENI account.
     145  * '''March 21 2013, GREE workshop 2013'''. Submit a paper in the 2nd [wiki:APRAGENI/GREE2013 GENI Research and Educational Experiment Workshop] that is collocated with GEC 16 at Utah.  Deadline is '''Jan. 6, 2013'''