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     1= GENI New Experimenter Q & A =
     4== What is GENI? ==
     6The Global Environment for Networking Innovations (GENI) is a virtual laboratory for exploring future internets at scale.  While the GENI infrastructure is rapidly taking shape across the US, it is still a work in progress.
     8== Do I want to use GENI for my experiment? ==
     10We hope so.  Take a look at the "Why GENI?" section of the [wiki:ExperimenterPortal Experimenter's Portal] to help you decide.
     12== What resources are available through GENI? ==
     14GENI resources include a variety of computational and network assets, all programmable by experimenters.  Resources are made available to experimenters by GENI ''aggregates''.  The [wiki:ExperimenterPortal Experimenter's Portal] has more information in its "An Experimenter's View of GENI" and "GENI Aggregates" sections.
     16== There's a lot of stuff in GENI.  How do I decide what to use? ==
     18You're right, there is a lot of stuff available in GENI.  Some aggregates may be familiar if you have experience with other existing testbeds.  For example, many of the current GENI resources are contributed by [ PlanetLab] and [ ProtoGENI] ([ ProtoGENI] is based on [ Emulab]) aggregates.  Other aggregates are more specialized.
     20The GENI Project Office is happy to help you figure out what resources may be useful in supporting your planned experiments.  Send us mail at:  [].
     22== Do I need an account to use GENI resources? ==
     24Yes.  Access comes in two varieties.  Depending on the resources you will be using, you may use either or both types of access.
     261. GENI provides a common interface that lets you reserve resources from many aggregates using a common set of credentials, and a common API (the Aggregate Manager or AM API).  In addition, GENI experimenter tools may be helpful to you as you use these aggregates.
     282. Aggregates that do not accept GENI credentials have their own specific access policies.  Send us mail at [] for assistance.
     30== Which resources are available using GENI credentials? ==
     32Check the aggregate information tables in the "GENI Aggregates" section of the [wiki:ExperimenterPortal Experimenter's Portal] and look for a "Yes" in the "Accepts GENI Credentials" column.  Currently, these are chiefly [ PlanetLab]-based and [ ProtoGENI]-based aggregates.
     34== How do I get a GENI credential? ==
     36Because GENI supports a federated web of trust, it's possible that you already have a credential.  If you are a [ PlanetLab], [ ProtoGENI], or [ Emulab] user, you can use your existing credential with GENI.  If not, check the "Get GENI Credentials" section of the [wiki:GENIExperimenter#a1.GetGENICredentials omni howto].
     38== I have a GENI credential.  Now what? ==
     40Try setting up a simple experiment.  Check the "Tutorials" section of the [wiki:ExperimenterPortal Experimenter's Portal].
     42== Where do I go for help? ==
     44Send mail to the GENI help list: [].