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     1[[PageOutline(2, Table of Contents)]]
     3= Network RSpec Mini-workshop =
     6== MEETING GOAL ==
     8Paraphrasing on Larry's framework from [ 1], the goal of this meeting is to agree on the basic semantics and syntax of a minimal statement needed to reserve connectivity resources.  I.e., this is not about discovery, capability expression, or configuration, although clearly these functions can potentially be added in the future.  Also, the goal is to provide projects that need it something they can work with **in this spiral**.  We can revise and extend later.
     10== PREPARATION ==
     12The GPO will prepare an initial proposal to serve as a basis for discussion.  Several folks have expressed thoughts on this topic, including Rob, Larry, Ted, Max, and Chris.  My plan is to prepare the following:[[BR]]
     13  - discussion of the requirements
     14  - analysis of the proposals
     15  - recommendation of a proposal to use as a starting point
     16  - identification of the missing pieces (i.e., work that needs to be done)
     18Anyone who has thoughts or cycles to contribute is welcome to collaborate, just let me know.  Individual proposals are welcome for discussion as well.
     20== DETAILED AGENDA ==
     22To come
     24== LOGISTICS ==
     28  Where: Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT[[BR]]
     29  When: noon on day1 to 3pm on day2; June 18-24 (TBR)[[BR]]
     30  Who: Primarily projects with spiral 1 milestones related to this topic; GPO[[BR]]
     31  Projects: ProtoGENI, Dtunnels, !PlanetLab, EnterpriseGENI, Mid-Atlantic, GpENI, SPP, ORCA/BEN, Regional Opt-In, Orbit, TIED, Internet2/GMOC[[BR]]
     32  Travel expenses will be paid by the GPO[[BR]]
     33  Webex and voice conference should also be available
     36== CONTRIBUTIONS ==
     38== INVITATION ==
     40> Folks-[[BR]] [[BR]]
     42> Following up from post-GEC4 discussions, I'd like to propose a gathering of interested parties to agree on a Spiral 1 approach for network resource description.  The DTunnels project is hitting this topic now and others will (or should) very soon.  GENI prototyping projects are providing network resources using varied abstractions, some as topologies and others as individual links; both may be L1, L2 (true or tunneled), or L3 (true or tunneled).  While each of these network abstractions have differences in their description, they share a common need of expressing connectivity.  A key GENI capability is to interconnect networks so it is useful to encourage (but not require) early commonality in how network resources are described.[[BR]] [[BR]]
     44> Note that there is a clear emphasis on wired networks here.  Wireless networks share these issues but in Spiral 1 let's try to nail the low-hanging fruit.  [[BR]] [[BR]]
     46> Details are below.   Rob Ricci has generously agreed to host this meeting, so we'll be in Salt Lake City.  (Thanks, Rob!)  Please complete the scheduling Doodle right away, as we need to set to the date quickly to identify the hotel and finalize the logistics.  I do hope you can make it. [[BR]] [[BR]]
     48> Best regards,[[BR]] [[BR]]
     50> --aaron