Network RSpec Mini-workshop


The GPO's goals for Spiral 1 are a) to demonstrate the GENI control framework and b) to demonstrate end-to-end slicing across a range of technologies. An important demonstration of the viability of the GENI design is to be able to construct slices that cross aggregate boundaries. The goal of this meeting is to produce concrete examples and plans to answer these two questions:

  • How do network aggregates and components describe themselves via RSpec?
  • How are network slivers 'stitched' together to form a coherent, interconnected slice?

Near-term answers to these questions need to be deployed in the next 3 months to achieve our Spiral 1 goals so there is some urgency here.


9:00 Introduction Aaron Falk
Morning How do networks represent resources?
Enterprise GENI view Rob Sherwood
ProtoGENI CF view Rob Ricci
10:30 BREAK
PlanetLab CF view Larry Peterson
NDL for RSpecs
BEN PoP G.805 view
Ilia Baldine/Yufeng Xin/Max Ott/Ivan Seskar
Noon - 1pm LUNCH
Afternoon How do networks slivers join to make slices?
MAX/DRAGON view Chris Tracy
2:30pm BREAK
Planning Aaron Falk
5pm Close


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When: Thursday, June 25th, 9am - 5pm CDT
Where: Chicago O'Hare Hilton, Boardroom 2048
Who: Primarily projects with spiral 1 milestones related to this topic; GPO
Invited Projects: ProtoGENI, Dtunnels, PlanetLab, EnterpriseGENI, Mid-Atlantic, GpENI, SPP, ORCA/BEN, Regional Opt-In, Orbit, TIED, Internet2/GMOC
Confirmed attending:

Aaron Falk, GPO
Harry Mussman, GPO
Chris Small, GPO
Rob Ricci, ProtoGENI
Guido Appenzeller, Enterprise GENI
Rob Sherwood, Enterprise GENI
Camilo Viecco, GMOC
Larry Peterson, PlanetLab
Jon Duerig, ProtoGENI
Ilia Baldine, ORCA/BEN
Yufeng Xin, ORCA/BEN
Ivan Seskar, ORBIT
Yogesh Mundada, DTunnels
Nick Feamster, DTunnels
Ted Faber, TIED
Chris Tracy, MAX

Travel expenses will be paid by the GPO
Voice conference available

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