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The initial Spiral 3 GENI network core is a set of OpenFlow-capable switches in NLR and Internet2.

There are currently two standing VLANs (3715 and 3716) carried on the ten switches in the core, which are located in the nine cities shown on the maps below. Each VLAN in each provider is topologically a broken ring (to help prevent accidental loops), with the two rings in each VLAN linked in Atlanta. The gap in each VLAN is between two different links, to provide either a longer or shorter path through the core between two switches. The two VLANs are not interconnected in the core, and should not be interconnected in regionals or at GENI sites either. Sites may connect to both VLANs as long as the site keeps them separated at layer 2.

VLAN 3715

VLAN 3716

Testing / monitoring

We're in the process of setting up a process for testing the OpenFlow core from end to end, including out to campuses. VLAN 3715 has four endpoints, and VLAN 3716 has two, which we intend to connect to these campuses:

3715 NEWY I2 BBN
3715 WASH I2 Rutgers
3715 SEAT NLR Washington
3715 SUNN NLR Stanford
3716 HOUS I2 BBN (later: KSU)
3716 CHIC NLR Indiana

KSU can't easily reach the I2 endpoint in Houston yet, so we're planning to use VLAN translation to link a host in the GPO lab at BBN to that endpoint, for now.

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