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The GENI mesoscale has a set of VLANs that are advertised at GENI rack aggregates as exclusive OpenFlow VLANs. These VLANs can be reserved at those racks and through the GENI core as VLANs which are exclusive to experiments in GENI.

Here is a reservation list for the exclusive OpenFlow VLANs which have been allocated at GENI racks and through the GENI OpenFlow backbone.

To reserve an exclusive mesoscale VLAN for your experiment, contact, and let us know when you'd like to start using the VLAN (if not "immediately"), and when you expect to be done with it (if you're not sure, give us a date after which we should check back with you to see if you're done).

Please DO NOT use a VLAN that you haven't reserved. Thanks!

Current reservations

These sections describe the exclusive mesoscale VLANs that are currently reserved.

VLAN name VLAN ID Reserved by/for Reserved until
exclusive-openflow-1755 1755
exclusive-openflow-1756 1756
exclusive-openflow-1757 1757
exclusive-openflow-1758 1758
exclusive-openflow-1759 1759