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Reserving subnet for Tim Upthegrove for creating plastic-slices-like slice

Reservations of GENI network core IP subnets

The GENI OpenFlow-controlled network core is attached to a number of MyPLC-controlled PlanetLab testbeds. Each node in these testbeds is configured with IP addresses on each of several pre-provisioned dataplane IP subnets, and static ARP entries for the other IPs in each subnet. This configuration allows experimenters to reserve slivers on each of these testbeds, reserve OpenFlow resources, and perform OpenFlow-based experiments.

The HelloGENI page describes a very simple experiment which you can do by reserving one of these subnets.

These subnets aren't provided by an aggregate, and thus can't be reserved via the GENI AM API. To reserve one for your experiment, contact, and let us know when you'd like to start using the subnet (if not "immediately"), and when you expect to be done with it (if you're not sure, give us a date after which we should check back with you to see if you're done).

Please DO NOT use an IP subnet that you haven't reserved. Thanks!

Current reservations

Subnet Reserved by/for Reserved until JBS for general testing 2012-01-09 JBS for general testing 2012-01-09 Aaron Rosen for his research 2011-11-28 JBS for plastic-101 2011-08-15 JBS for plastic-102 2011-08-15 JBS for plastic-103 2011-08-15 JBS for plastic-104 2011-08-15 JBS for plastic-105 2011-08-15 JBS for plastic-106 2011-08-15 JBS for plastic-107 2011-08-15 JBS for plastic-108 2011-08-15 JBS for plastic-109 2011-08-15 JBS for plastic-110 2011-08-15 Tim Upthegrove for testing 2011-07-01 Niky Riga for testing 2011-08-15