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    3838A switch could be inserted in between the !OpenFlow backbone switch and the !FrameNet switch or ION endpoint.  This switch would take a trunk port from the !FrameNet switch or ION endpoint, and then it would be hooked up to the backbone switch in a way that each VLAN would be translated upon entering the backbone switch.  Deploying new switches for this is not an option, because this would cost a significant amount of money both in hardware costs and in operations costs; however, if the ProtoGENI switches deployed in at the Internet2 !PoPs currently have a large number of free ports, then they could potentially be used as an aggregating switch.  This option is highly dependent on using the ProtoGENI switches, which are currently maintained by the Utah ProtoGENI folks.
     40=== Increase Number of ION Endpoints Going to the Core === #IncreaseIONEndpoints
     41There is a possibility that we can increase the number of ION endpoints that connect to !OpenFlow switches in the core.  There may be unused ports on GENI equipment in the Internet2 core that could provide additional connections between core !OpenFlow switches and ION equipment.  Multiple sites could then hook into the same !OpenFlow core switch on the same VLAN via ION.  This requires that there are open ports on the ION device, and would also require the purchase of new transceiver modules.  This option would provide temporary relief while we scale up, but this option does not scale to very many additional campuses.  This solution would also need to translate to DYNES, which will eventually provide most Internet2 dynamic layer 2 connections for campuses.
    4043== Long Term Solutions ==
    4144=== VLAN Translation in !OpenFlow Switches === #VLANTranslation
    5558||[#UsePGSwitchesasOFSwitches Use PG Switches as OpenFlow Switches in Core] ||1                          ||1 per-site-per-VLAN ||1 per site          ||1 per-site-per-VLAN               ||Use of ProtoGENI switches          ||Enable !OpenFlow on ProtoGENI switches  ||
    5659||[#AggregateSwitch Aggregate Switches Between I2/NLR and Backbone Switches]||1 per-site-per-VLAN        ||1 per-site-per-VLAN ||1 per site          ||1 per-site-per-VLAN               ||Use of ProtoGENI Switches          ||                                        ||
     60||[#IncreaseIONEndpoints Increase Number of ION Endpoints to Core]          ||1 per new ION endpoint     ||1 per-site-per-VLAN ||1 per site          ||1 per-site-per-VLAN               ||1 transceiver per new ION endpoint  ||identify and reallocate existing unused GENI interfaces in I2 backbone                   ||
    5761||'''Long term'''                                                           ||                           ||                    ||                    ||                                  ||                                   ||                                        ||
    5862||[#VLANTranslation VLAN Translation in OpenFlow Switches]                  ||                           ||1 per-site-per-VLAN ||1 per site          ||1 per-site-per-VLAN               ||                                   ||This needs to be implemented on a switch||