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     1'''MAX.S2.g: NetFPGA as a GENI Resource Implementation'''
     3The MAX GENI Substrate includes three high-end machines with NetFPGA ( cards.   Two machines are located at the University of Maryland lab at College Park campus, and the other is at the USC/ISI East Facility in Arlington, Virginia.  These host machines have Quad 3.0 GHZ Dual Core processors, 4 port Gigabit Ethernet NIC cards, and NetFPGA cards with another 4 Ethernet ports.  They are connected into the MAX GENI Substrate DRAGON Network components and are now available for use and experimentation.  The MAX GENI Aggregate Manager includes the NetFPGA machines as a discoverable resource via the !ListCapabilities and !ListNodes calls.  We have few more items to complete on the Aggregate Manager task to fully incorporate these NetFPGA resources into the dynamic topology instantiation.  The details of how these resources are included in the Aggregate Manager is outlined in the status presented in Milestone MAX.S2.h below.  The general approach is to include the NetFPGA hosts as a top-level resource in the !ListCapabilities and !ListNodes service calls of the MAX Aggregate Manager.  These resources could then be included in subsequent slice and topology creation commands.