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     1'''MAX.S2.b: NetFPGA as a GENI Resource Plan'''
     3The MAX GENI Substrate deployment includes research nodes with NetFPGA ( cards.  The plan for these NetFPGA resources is to make them available as a general MAX GENI Substrate resource for use on an individual basis, or to combine with other host and network resources into an experiment specific topology.  This will allow researchers to build an experiment topology that includes NetFPGA hosts and other substrate resources such as PlanetLab slivers and also interconnect them via dedicated network resource provisioning.  The specific use of the NetFPGA hosts will be up to the individual researchers.  However, we plan to pre-load the OpenFlow software in anticipation of a desire for experimentation in this area.  For instance, a researcher could request a topology that included multiple NetFPGA hosts that are interconnected in a ring.  This type of topology would lend itself to experimentation with OpenFlow protocols and associated higher-level applications.  We also had a meeting with Rob Sherwood from the OpenFlow project and talked in some detail about options for more extensive use and experimentation with OpenFlow.  Our work in this area may expand in the future.
     5We evaluated the possibility of deploying PlanetLab or other virtualization technologies on the NetFPGA hosts.  However, there does not currently appear to be a good method for sharing the NetFPGA resource in the context of a virtual environment.  For this reason, we feel that providing the NetFPGA, as a reserveable unit is the most valuable way to treat this resource at this time.