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    6767 * Maha Allouzi, Kent State University
    68  * Javed Khan
     68 * Javed Khan, Kent State University
    7070=== Emergency High-Speed Internet Lane Protocol ===
    113 === Demonstration of a GENI based application to support Virtual Reality based training activities in orthopedic surgery ===
     113=== A GENI based application to support Virtual Reality based training activities in orthopedic surgery ===
    114114This demonstration involves highlighting a distributed approach to training orthopedic medical residents using Virtual Reality (VR) based simulation environments; this application exploits the capabilities of the Global Environment for Network Innovation (GENI)'s national test bed infrastructure.  Our demonstration will show how expert surgeons in different hospitals can interact with medical trainees at other locations and teach them the fundamentals of orthopedic surgery. The high-definition multimedia streaming and haptic interfaces associated with the VR environment will enable trainees to remotely observe, participate and practice surgical techniques virtually from different locations (and also provides ‘on demand’ access to such medical educational and training resources).
    115115The virtual environments will enable students to learn the appropriate way of performing the LISS plating process which is an orthopedic surgical process to treat fractures of the femur. We are working with Dr. Miguel Pirela-Cruz at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center (TTHSC) in El Paso, Texas.
    121121 * M. Pirela-Cruz, Texas Tech University
    123125=== Demonstration of a GENI based cyber physical test bed for advanced manufacturing  ===
    124126The creation of an advanced GENI based cyber physical framework for advanced manufacturing by our lab researchers has been acknowledged as a milestone in global collaborative manufacturing. Our demonstration involves the design of a GENI based Next Generation framework to support distributed cyber and physical interactions involving software and manufacturing resources; these complex activities including design analysis, assembly planning, Virtual Reality based simulation and finally physical assembly. The advent of the Next Internet holds the promise of ushering in a new era in Information Centric engineering and digital manufacturing activities. Our manufacturing domain of interest is in the emerging domain of micro devices assembly, which involves the assembly of micron sized parts using cyber and physical resources.
    129131 * Avinash Gupta, Oklahoma State University
    130132 * Parmesh Ramanathan, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    132135== Clouds and Distributed Systems ==
    205208 * Divyashri Bhat, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
    206209 * Michael Zink, University of Massachusetts at Amherst