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     1'''Project Number'''
     5'''Project Title'''
     7A Prototype of a Million Node GENI [[BR]]
     8a.k.a. MillionNodeGeni, MILNGENI
     10'''Technical Contacts'''
     12'''PI''' Thomas Anderson ( / 206 543 9348) [[BR]]
     13Justin Cappos ( / 206 685 4131)
     15'''Participating Organizations'''
     17University of Washington[[BR]]
     18Paul Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering[[BR]]
     19Box 352350[[BR]]
     20Seattle WA 98195-2350
     24The scope of work on this project is to specify, build, and
     25demonstrate a prototype end host deployment platform consisting of
     26three components: a) a general-purpose yet safe execution environment
     27for experimenter code running on end hosts, b) a light-weight,
     28programmable and customizable proxy for end hosts for redirecting
     29end-user traffic into the GENI facility, and c) a clearinghouse for
     30resources contributed by end users who have opted into the system.
     32Specific development goals include:[[BR]]
     33    1. Development of a viable end-host virtual machine[[BR]]
     34    2. Control-plane integration, including resource discovery and reservation; experiment debug and control[[BR]]
     35    3. End-user configuration and management tools[[BR]]
     36    4. Deployment strategies such as inclusion in Bit Tyrant or web plug-in[[BR]]
     37    5. End-user policy & awareness issues and mechanisms
     42milestone:"MillionNodeGeni: End-host VM API"[[BR]]
     43milestone:"MillionNodeGeni: VM Techniques"[[BR]]
     44milestone:"MillionNodeGeni: End host VM v0.1 implementation"[[BR]]
     45milestone:"MillionNodeGeni: End-host Node Manager Design"[[BR]]
     46milestone:"MillionNodeGeni: Reference implementation of end-host Node Manager"[[BR]]
     47milestone:"MillionNodeGeni: Reference implementation of a trivial experiment manager"[[BR]]
     48milestone:"MillionNodeGeni: Specification for RSpecs for VM resources"[[BR]]
     49milestone:"MillionNodeGeni: End-host resource advertisement and discovery function using RSpecs"[[BR]]
     50milestone:"MillionNodeGeni: Tutorial describing how to use the programming environment"
     53'''Project Technical Documents'''
     56'''Spiral 1 Connectivity'''
     58Not yet associated with a control framework---will need to pick one.
     60Connectivity issues need to be sorted out.  End user devices will already have IP addresses.  Need to figure out how they connect to clearinghouses, etc.
     63'''GPO Liason System Engineer'''
     65Vic Thomas
     67'''Related Projects'''