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Technical Status Report for Million Node GENI project for Nov 2010 through Mar 2011

PI: Thomas Anderson

Co-PI: Justin Cappos

Major accomplishments

Milestones achieved


Deliverables made

b. Demonstration at GEC 10 and Experimenter Outreach. (March 5, 2011)

•Tutorial at the GEC with emphasis on GENI experimenters using MNG
resources (in addition to other GENI resources) in their experiments.
Essentially the tutorial will teach GENI experimenters how to set up and
run experiments similar to the one you will demo in Milestone 2.


Description of work performed during last quarter

We have also very involved with supporting educational and research use of Seattle. We also constructed a DNS mapping service called Zenodotus that makes it possible to host programs with names that are dynamically remapped to live Seattle instances. We created a proof-of-concept distributed webserver called HuXiang that demonstrates how to use Zenodotus to get a persistent URL to a set of transient nodes. HuXiang was demoed in the TransCloud portion of the Plenary session at GEC 10.

Project participants

Tom Anderson (PI)

Justin Cappos (Co-PI)

Arvind Krishnamurthy (Senior Personnel)

Monzur Mohammad (Open Source Developer)

Jeff Rasley (Undergraduate)

Alan Loh (Undergraduate)

Sebastian Morgan (Undergraduate)

Alex Hanson (Undergraduate)

Steven Portzer (Undergraduate)

Publications (individual and organizational)

We collaborated with educators to submit a paper to CCSC-NW about their educational experiences with Seattle.

We are presenting a poster at NSDI about research and educational use of Seattle.

Outreach activities

We had educational use from our 16th class during this period. There are three classes currently using Seattle which we are aware of. We hosted a workshop / tutorial session located with GEC 10 which we hope will increase both educational and research adoption.

I acted as a faculty mentor for the GEC 10 Doctoral workshop.


We have a deployment working on DOME, PlanetLab, GpENI, and done automated deployments on Emulab. We are using the Digital Object Registry in production now. Researchers at Nokia have ported Seattle to some of their newer phones. We are working with researchers at the University of Victoria and HP Labs to support Google Native Client with Seattle.

We worked with the Raven / Stork folks on a proof-of-concept port of Owl to Seattle. We hosted a student intern from the GUSH group who is working on Seash (our GUSH-like shell) and network heterogeneity masking. As a result some of our networking code may be used in GUSH and / or DOME.

We are using the TUF updater on Seattle's beta network. We expect to use it on the production network in the near future.

We are working with researchers at U Vienna to build an end-host overlay on Seattle.

We participated in the TransCloud demo with !Rick McGeer, et. al.

We are working with an expert in model-based testing at the University of Washington to explore formal verification of Seattle's portability properties.

Other Contributions