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    1 === Technical Status Report for Million Node GENI project ===
     1= Technical Status Report for Million Node GENI project =
    33Period: April through June 2010
    5 PI: Justin Cappos
     5PI: Thomas Anderson[[BR]]
     6Co-PI: Justin Cappos
    78== 1. Major accomplishments ==
    1112=== B. Deliverables made ===
    12 May 30, 2010 1f) Demonstrate push mechanism that provides security metadata to the repository library.
    13   '''sent to Vic Thomas on May 29th'''
    15 May 30, 2010 1g) Make available the code for example client software update system implementation using the client library.
    16   '''sent to Vic Thomas on May 29th'''
    18 Jun 2?, 2010 UW ARRA report
    19   '''Sent to Melody on June 1st [[BR]]
    20   Submitted by Julie on June 9th'''
     13Create an example assignment leveraging Seattle that an educator might use for the GENI outreach plan for Spiral 2.      (20 mo)        (May 5, 2010)
    2215== 2. Description of work performed during last quarter ==
    2316=== A. Activities and findings ===
    24 We constructed a push mechanism for securely adding developer updates to a repository. We also constructed an example software update system using TUF.
     17We created an example assignment for Seattle as part of outreach.       This assignment has already been used in 3 classes that we are aware of.        Additionally, we spent a large amount of effort coordinating integration with ProtoGENI for our upcoming milestone.
    2619=== B. Project participants ===
    27 Justin Cappos (PI) [[BR]]
    28 Justin Samuel (Programmer) [[BR]]
    29 Geremy Condra (Programmer)
     21Tom Anderson (PI)[[BR]]
     22Justin Cappos (Co-PI)[[BR]]
     23Arvind Krishnamurthy (Senior Personnel)[[BR]]
     24Ivan Beschastnikh (Ph. D. student)[[BR]]
     25Justin Samuel (Programmer)[[BR]]
     26Monzur Mohammad (Open Source Developer) [[BR]]
     27Armon Dadgar (Undergraduate) [[BR]]
     28Eric Kimbrel (Undergraduate) [[BR]]
     29Conrad Meyer (Undergraduate) [[BR]]
     30Yefete Yemuru (Undergraduate) [[BR]]
     31Zachary Boka (Undergraduate) [[BR]]
     32Evan Meagher (Undergraduate) [[BR]]
     33Stephen Sievers (Undergraduate) [[BR]]
     34Jeff Rasley (Undergraduate) [[BR]]
     35Alan Loh (Undergraduate) [[BR]]
     36Mick Ayzenberg (Undergraduate)[[BR]]
     37Sebastian Morgan (Undergraduate) [[BR]]
     38Danny Y. Huang (Undergraduate Intern visiting from GUSH group)
    3140=== C. Publications (individual and organizational) ===
    32 We received notification of acceptance of a paper on TUF in Computer and Communications Security (CCS) 2010.
     41We received notification of acceptance of a paper at CCS (Computer and Communications Security) related to the security architecture of Seattle's sandbox.      We also submitted a paper to the 5th International Workshop on Systems Software Verification (SSV '10) on the techniques we are using to validate the portability of Seattle programs.
    3443=== D. Outreach activities ===
    35 None
     44We held a co-located workshop / tutorial session at the CCSC-CP regional educational conference.        We have a pending workshop / tutorial session located with GEC 8 which we hope will increase both educational and research adoption.
     46Justin Cappos is preparing to teach a 1 week class on GENI / Seattle.   This class is targeted at Ph.D. students and will be held at the University of Vienna in the next quarter.
    3748=== E. Collaborations ===
    38 We had detailed discussion with PyPI developers about integration.      We built a proof-of- concept integration with PyPI and easyinstall.     At this point and time, production integration does not seem to be a wise investment of time.
     49We have a deployment working on DOME, PlanetLab, GpENI, and done automated deployments on Emulab.       We are using the Digital Object Registry in production now. Researchers at Nokia have ported Seattle to some of their newer phones.     We have had early stage discussions with folks at Google about supporting Google Native Client.
    40 We continued preliminary discussions with the Raven and Tor developers about integration. The Seattle project agreed to use the TUF updater in its next release.
     51We have a proof-of-concept integration with ProtoGENI which we are refining for our upcoming deliverable.       We began work with the Raven / Stork folks on a proof-of-concept port of Owl to Seattle.        We are hosting a student intern from the GUSH group who is working on Seash (our GUSH-like shell) and other functionality.  We hope this will to lead to future collaboration with the GUSH group.
    4253=== F. Other Contributions ===