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Process for updating milestones, or submitting QSRs:

When you have information to demonstrate that a milestone for your GENI Project has been completed (or with some significant progress), please do this:

1) Login to the wiki for your project.

2) Upload any relevant documents, etc. (note link)

3) Select "New Ticket", and open a ticket regarding your milestone completion.

Short summary: Milestone S2.x completion

Component: Select your project from pull-down list. (important!)

Milestone: Select milestone from pull-down list. (important!)

Assign to: Your email address. (important!)

Copy to: SE ( (important!)

Description: Provide info that demonstrates milestone progress or completion; mention attached document by link. (You can attach a document here, but then it is not readily visible on the wiki page.)

Submit ticket; accept ticket; close ticket (if appropriate).

4) Click on milestone on wiki page.

You should see new ticket; verify.

5) SE ( will be notified of new ticket.

I'll login and mark milestone complete (as appropriate).

(Sorry, only SE can edit milestone itself)

When you have a quarterly status report that has been completed, please do this:

1) Login to the wiki for your project.

2) Upload report. (note link) There is a suggested format at:

3) Edit wiki to add entry under "Quarterly Status Reports", pointing to link for report, using exsiting format.

4) If quarterly status report explains the completion of a milestone (not otherwise reported), please follow instructions for milestone completion.