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  • Mid-Atlantic Crossroads

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     1'''Project Number'''
     5'''Project Title'''
     7Mid-Atlantic Crossroads [[BR]]
     8a.k.a.  MAX
     10'''Technical Contacts'''
     12Principal Investigator: Peter O'Neil poneil at [[BR]]
     13Chris Tracy chris at  [[BR]]
     14Jarda Flidr jflidr at 
     17'''Participating Organizations'''
     19Mid-Atlantic Crossroads
     20University of Maryland, College Park
     21USC ISI
     22Qwest Eckington Place NE, Washington, DC
     23George Washington University 
     31[milestone:"MAX: Extend DRAGON/GRMS"][[BR]]
     32[milestone:"MAX: Purchase virtualization servers and connections"][[BR]]
     33[milestone:"MAX: Integrate DRAGON/GRMS"][[BR]]
     34[milestone:"MAX: Integrate DRAGON/GENI control framework"][[BR]]
     35[milestone:"MAX: Make a working prototype"][[BR]]
     36[milestone:"MAX: Delivery of preliminary design doc"][[BR]]
     37[milestone:"MAX: Collaborate with Security team"] [[BR]]
     38[milestone:"MAX: Specific contribution to GENI outreach"]
     40'''Project Technical Documents'''
     42''Recommended Reading''
     44DRAGON: [] [[BR]]
     45DRAGON Architecture: [] [[BR]]
     46DRAGON Network: [] [[BR]]
     47DRAGON Workshop materials and software: [] [[BR]]
     48Standards Documents used in DRAGON: [] [[BR]]
     50Those most relevent to the control plane work include:
     52RFC 2205, RFC 2328, RFC 2370, RFC 2702, RFC 3031, RFC 3209, RFC 3471, RFC 3473, RFC 3477, RFC 3630, RFC 3945, RFC 3946, RFC 4202, RFC 4203, RFC 4206, RFC 4990 [[BR]]
     55'''Spiral 1 Connectivity'''
     57The list of MAX participant institutions that will have potential access to GENI for research experiments are included here:
     58<> [[BR]]
     60These participants are homed into multiple PoP locations where MAX equipment has space agreements with universities, carriers, and participating partners. [[BR]]
     62PoP locations include:
     63University of Maryland, College Park [[BR]]
     64USC ISI-East Arlington, VA [[BR]]
     65Qwest Eckington Place NE, Washington, DC [[BR]]
     66George Washington University [[BR]]
     67Level 3 Old Meadow Rd. Mclean, VA [[BR]]
     686 St Paul Street Baltimore [[BR]]
     69660 Redwood Street Baltimore [[BR]]
     70Equinix 21715 Filigree Court Ashburn, VA [[BR]]
     72MAX is able to fully interconnect with NLR layers 1, 2, and 3. Peter O'Neil is the point of contact for NLR connectivity and Chris Tracy for Internet2. [[BR]]
     74Clarification is needed to address the current air gap of an Ethernet switch between the I2 10G port on the Infinera located at Mclean and the MAX infrastructure.  MAX could connect the Infinera either directly to one of DRAGON's existing layer 2 switches, or if another switch is provided, we can connect DRAGON to that switch. [[BR]]
     78'''GPO Liason System Engineer'''
     80John Jacob
     82'''Related Projects'''
     84  ''''