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Mid-Atlantic Crossroads Project Status Report

Period: 3Q09

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

  • Integrate DRAGON with candidate GENI control framework
  • Integrate DRAGON/GENI control framework with DRAGON test-bed
  • Coordinate with the University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering to explore involving one or more graduate student interns.
  • Delivery of Aggregate Manager preliminary design document

B. Deliverables made

  • Participant in Cluster B Meeting at BBN to review work to date and plan for Spiral 2
  • Continue as co-chair of the Substrate WG
  • Participated in GEC Seattle cluster meetings, demo, poster, and multiple presentations; the demo with PlanetLab/Princeton exposed several bugs in the SFA (GENIwrapper) code that required fixing
  • Provided accounts to MAX research infrastructure GENI resources to other GENI researchers
  • Documented how to create slices on the private MAX GENI page for those provided accounts on the MAX infrastructure for use of GENI resources
  • Integrating functionality and interoperability of layer 2 Ethernet vLANS across ProtoGENI and SPP

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

Primary efforts this quarter focused on the completing MAX Spiral 1 deliverables:

  • Coordinate with the University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering to explore involving one or more graduate student interns
  • Delivery of Aggregate Manager preliminary design document
  • Upgrading the software, firmware, and MEMS cards on the Movaz/Adva optical equipment serving the research infrastructure used to support GENI
  • Commitment to MAX deliverables for Spiral 2
  • Managing the transition of Jarda and Chris to other employers and approval to subcontract Spiral 2 effort to Tom Lehman and Xi Yang, long time partners and collaborators at USC’s ISI-East

Focus Next Quarter:

  • Extend our existing SOAP-based Aggregate Manager component to interoperate with other GENI Cluster participants, i.e, ProtoGENI
  • Complete paperwork for subcontract award to USC ISI-East for Spiral 2 support and helping ISI-East staff integrate into GENI community
  • GEC Salt Lake City meeting

B. Project participants

Chris Tracy, Jarda Flidr, and Peter O’Neil

C. Publications (individual and organizational)


D. Outreach activities

E. Collaborations

  • Engaged with USC ISI-East in Arlington, VA to bring up PlanetLab node with FPGA card and enabled ability to reserve Gigabit slices of bandwidth between ISI and MAX PlanetLab nodes.
  • Regular communication and ongoing support with GpENI: Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation on installing and running:
    • the DRAGON software suite and configuration support for the Ciena CoreDirector platform
    • a private PlanetLab central deployment
    • interconnecting to the Kansas City ProtoGENI switch
  • Helped with the physical interconnection of the ProtoGENI switch and SPP hardware installations in McLean, VA; pictures available here:
  • Provided testing results and deployment experiences of Princeton geniwrapper code to the planetlab-devel mailing list
  • Recommended SOAP Python library to GENI researchers seeking SOAP/WSDL tool support
  • Support for GUSH demo finding PlanetLab resources across MAX and GpENI
  • Considerable time was spent working with Adva to upgrade the software release version and firmware on all of the DRAGON Movaz optical equipment. The MEMS and FPGA/CPLDs cards were brought up to the latest manufacturing standards as well.
  • Ongoing discussions with EnterpriseGENI/Stanford discussions for experimentation with OpenFlow and SOAP/WSDL efforts to effectively interoperate with PlanetLab

F. Other Contributions

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