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     3= Mid-Atlantic Crossroads Project Status Report =
     5Period: 3Q09
     6== I. Major accomplishments ==
     8=== A. Milestones achieved ===
     9  * Integrate DRAGON with candidate GENI control framework
     10  * Integrate DRAGON/GENI control framework with DRAGON test-bed
     11  * Coordinate with the University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering to explore involving one or more graduate student interns.
     12  * Delivery of Aggregate Manager preliminary design document
     14=== B. Deliverables made ===
     15  * Participant in Cluster B Meeting at BBN to review work to date and plan for Spiral 2
     16  * Continue as co-chair of the Substrate WG
     17  * Participated in GEC Seattle cluster meetings, demo, poster, and multiple presentations; the demo with !PlanetLab/Princeton exposed several bugs in the SFA (GENIwrapper) code that required fixing
     18  * Provided accounts to MAX research infrastructure GENI resources to other GENI researchers
     19  * Documented how to create slices on the private MAX GENI page for those provided accounts on the MAX infrastructure for use of GENI resources
     20  * Integrating functionality and interoperability of layer 2 Ethernet vLANS across ProtoGENI and SPP
     22== II. Description of work performed during last quarter ==
     24=== A. Activities and findings ===
     25Primary efforts this quarter focused on the completing MAX Spiral 1
     27  * Coordinate with the University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering to explore involving one or more graduate student interns
     28  * Delivery of Aggregate Manager preliminary design document
     29  * Upgrading the software, firmware, and MEMS cards on the Movaz/Adva optical equipment serving the research infrastructure used to support GENI
     30  * Commitment to MAX deliverables for Spiral 2
     31  * Managing the transition of Jarda and Chris to other employers and approval to subcontract Spiral 2 effort to Tom Lehman and Xi Yang, long time partners and collaborators at USC’s ISI-East
     32'''Focus Next Quarter:'''
     33  * Extend our existing SOAP-based Aggregate Manager component to interoperate with other GENI Cluster participants, i.e, ProtoGENI
     34  * Complete paperwork for subcontract award to USC ISI-East for Spiral 2 support and helping ISI-East staff integrate into GENI community
     35  * GEC Salt Lake City meeting
     36=== B. Project participants ===
     37Chris Tracy, Jarda Flidr, and Peter O’Neil
     38=== C. Publications (individual and organizational) ===
     40=== D. Outreach activities ===
     42=== E. Collaborations ===
     43  * Engaged with USC ISI-East in Arlington, VA to bring up !PlanetLab node with FPGA card and enabled ability to reserve Gigabit slices of bandwidth between ISI and MAX !PlanetLab nodes.
     44  * Regular communication and ongoing support with GpENI: Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation on installing and running:
     45    * the DRAGON software suite and configuration support for the Ciena CoreDirector platform
     46    * a private !PlanetLab central deployment
     47    * interconnecting to the Kansas City ProtoGENI switch
     48  * Helped with the physical interconnection of the ProtoGENI switch and SPP hardware installations in !McLean, VA; pictures available here:
     49  * Provided testing results and deployment experiences of Princeton geniwrapper code to the planetlab-devel mailing list
     50  * Recommended SOAP Python library to GENI researchers seeking SOAP/WSDL tool support
     51  * Support for GUSH demo finding !PlanetLab resources across MAX and GpENI
     52  * Considerable time was spent working with Adva to upgrade the software release version and firmware on all of the DRAGON Movaz optical equipment. The MEMS and FPGA/CPLDs cards were brought up to the latest manufacturing standards as well.
     53  * Ongoing discussions with EnterpriseGENI/Stanford discussions for experimentation with !OpenFlow and SOAP/WSDL efforts to effectively interoperate with !PlanetLab
     55=== F. Other Contributions ===
     56  * Updated and further documented our GENI web pages to summarize our efforts, demos (with video), and documentation:
     57    *
     58    *
     59  * Detailed information for our GENI AM can now be found on our wiki under the main Software page: 
     60    *
     61      * There are two guides -- the first one explains how to download the code from our repository and compile it via the !NetBeans IDE:
     62        1.
     63          * This guide walks you through setting up the NetBeans IDE to have the correct libraries (Apache Axis2) and explains how to autogenerate the Java skeleton code from the WSDL file.
     64        2. The next guide explains how to setup the server and deploy the compiled code to it:
     65          *