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     1'''Project Number'''
     5'''Project Title'''
     7Instrumentation and Measurement for GENI
     8a.k.a.  GENI Inst & Meas (obsolete), MeasurementSys
     10'''Technical Contacts'''
     12'''PI''' Paul Barford / / 608 262 6609 [[BR]]
     13'''Co-PI''' Mark Crovella / / 617 353 8923 [[BR]]
     14'''Co-PI''' Joel Sommers / / 315 228 7587
     16'''Participating Organizations'''
     18Computer Science Department [[BR]]
     19University of Wisconsin [[BR]]
     201210 West Dayton St. [[BR]]
     21Madison, WI 53706
     23Computer Science Department [[BR]]
     24Boston University [[BR]]
     25111 Cummington St. [[BR]]
     26Boston, MA 02215
     28Computer Science Department [[BR]]
     29Colgate University [[BR]]
     3013 Oak Drive [[BR]]
     31Hamilton, NY 13346
     35The scope of work on this project is to develop, test and deploy a prototype implementation of network instrumentation and measurement systems for the GENI infrastructure.
     37Priority activities that contribute to this scope include the following items:
     38 1. Develop an instrumentation and measurement implementation for GENI that provides an interface for researchers, as well an interface to a GENI control framework.
     39 1. Develop an implementation that gives GENI users access to a shared measurement and instrumentation infrastructure that is extensible to several different kinds of measurement devices.
     40 1. Implement systems consistent with the GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Systems (GIMS) Specification, to help reduce risks in this as-yet-unimplemented area of GENI.
     46milestone:"MeasurementSys: System interface design specification"[[BR]]
     47milestone:"MeasurementSys: Measurement system design specification."[[BR]]
     48milestone:"MeasurementSys: Repository system design specification."[[BR]]
     49milestone:"MeasurementSys: Basic instrumentation and measurement test suites."[[BR]]
     50milestone:"MeasurementSys: Prototype with basic measurement functionality."[[BR]]
     51milestone:"MeasurementSys: Basic functionality prototype available."
     53'''Project Technical Documents'''
     55[ GENI Instrumentation and Measurement Systems (GIMS) Specification]
     57'''Spiral 1 Connectivity'''
     59There is no deployment outside the PIs labs planned for Spiral 1.  ProtoGENI is the control framework for integration.
     61The measurement devices being developed will be deployed on network links in the lab (taps or span ports on routers/switches).  In the longer term (beyond the first year), measurement devices will be deployed in other labs and/or network locations.  At this point, these devices will need IP addresses assigned so that they can be accessed by the control framework interface.  The address may be private if the clearinghouse manages download and configuration as it would for a network node.
     63For Spiral 1, there is no requirement for layer 2 virtual ethernets to the project locations, although the measurement devices are aware of VLAN IDs.  Longer-term requirements for VLANs are TBD.
     65'''GPO Liason System Engineer'''
     67[ Vic Thomas]
     69'''Related Projects'''
     71[wiki:ProtoGENI] cluster.