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Midwest Openflow Crossroads Initiative (MOXI) GENI Overview

The Midwest Openflow Crossroads Initiative (MOXI) project will provide a broad GENI-enabled Openflow-powered aggregate of switches in the Midwest, by leveraging the existing infrastructure and relationships among the participating groups of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC). MOXI will bring GENI-enabled Openflow deployments to 7 Regional Optical Networks (RONs) in the Midwest and an additional deployment at the CIC OmniPoP, located in Chicago.

MOXI GENI Network Design

MOXI Network Architecture with Regionals

MOXI Architecture

Please update the attachments on this page when the network diagram changes.

MOXI Aggregator GENI Information Page

MOXI OpenFlow Information Page

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MOXI OpenFlow GENI Project Page

Includes milestones, project scope, engineering contacts.

Test Plans

<link test plans and test tickets here>


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<link user documentation, reports, publications, about SOX and GENI>

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