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     1'''MAX.S2.y: DRAGON Aggregate Manager Documentation'''
     3Update the design and installation documents for the DRAGON Aggregate Manager. Provide updated open source software distribution of GENI DRAGON Aggregate Manager and other related software.
     7The MAX GENI Aggregate Manager documentation has been updated to reflect the latest feature and implementation details.  The below web site contains the Aggregate manager documentation:
     11The documentation located here provides instructions on how to install the MAX Aggregate Manager for those interested in deploying the system to control their own set of substrate resources.  In addition, this site includes documentation for those who desire to utilize the MAX Aggregate Manager Web Service interface to request instantiation of MAX GENI resources.  Documentation is also provided for installation and use of the MAX Aggregate Manager API and !PlanetLab SFI/SFA interface.
     13We will continue to update the main project web site ( with the latest software distributions and configuration documents.  Below is a listing of the locations of some of the most critical components:
     15MAX-DRAGON-GENI Aggregate Manager Repository:[[BR]]
     18MAX Aggregate API Reference Implementation[[BR]]
     19 [[BR]]
     20 [[BR]]
     22MAX Aggregate Manager SFI/SFA Integration (MAX AM Plug-In) [[BR]]
     23 [[BR]]
     25PlanetLab Control Framework MAX RSPEC: [[BR]]
     26 [[BR]]
     27 [[BR]]
     30PlanetLab Control Framework SFA: [[BR]]
     31 [[BR]]
     33DRAGON/OSCARS/IDC Software Package: [[BR]]
     34 [[BR]]