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MAX.S2.x: User Support

Work with and support interested users on use of the DRAGON GENI Facility.


The main focus in this area has been for users who are closely associated with the GENI project development and deployment. This has included working with researchers from GpENI and Yonsei University of Seoul Korea. Our work with the GpENI group has included building of experiment topologies which included connections over ProtoGENI to GpENI resources. This includes the deployment on GpENI of a MAX Dynamic Network Resource Controller (IDC). This work may be expanded to include a complete MAX AM in the future. We have also begun discussions with the Washington University, St. Louis SPP team to utilize the MAX AM to instantiate resources on MAX GENI facility as part of their operations. This work is in the initial stages, but we hope to have working topologies available as part of GEC9 demonstrations.

We hope to expand our user base to researchers outside the direct GENI development community. However, based on our experience to date, we feel we may need to progress a little further in cross-aggregate topology building to create the environment that will attract this new class of users. We hope that the ongoing collaborations with GpENI, WUSTL, and others will allow this to be realized.