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     1The MAX GENI web site has the Aggregate manager documentation here:
     2 *
     4The latest version of the MAX AggregateGENI software distribution will also allow the compile and build process to be completed wholly at the Linux terminal if the use of !NetBeans is not desired as currently described on the web site.  The ANT build script has been modified and all dependency libraries are now included in the distribution and the configuration structure is streamlined. The svn repository contains README and sample configure files which provides detailed instructions on installation and configuration. The effort has greatly improved deployment experience.
     6Additional documentation will be added to allow reflect a new packaging system to facilitate researcher access and use of the MAX Aggregate Manager service interface.  We will continue to update the main project web site ( with the latest software distributions and configuration documents.  Below is a listing of the locations of some of the most critical components:
     8MAX-DRAGON-GENI Aggregate Manager Repository:
     11PlanetLab Control Framework MAX RSPEC:
     14PlanetLab Control Framework SFA:
     17DRAGON Software Repositories:
     21DRAGON/OSCARS/IDC Software Package: