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MAX.S2.m: User Support

This task includes outreach and support of external researchers who would like to use the MAX GENI facilities. This task is included in all of the reporting periods and is expected to be an increasing important focus area for Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 reporting periods. For this reporting period our main focus is on making the MAX GENI facility available to those in the immediate MAX region and beyond. The other critical factor in supporting users is to complete the Aggregate Manager and other key technology development tasks to enable easy user access and use.

In terms of reaching out to users in other substrates and clusters we made good progress during this reporting period in providing access and developing interoperability with other groups and projects. This included working the GpENI and ProtoGENI projects to demonstrate interconnection of our substrates. At GEC7 we demonstrated the building of a topology which utilized dynamically provisioned network resources to build a private network connecting PlanetLab slivers at GpENI (University of Kansas) and MAX (University of Maryland). This included a segment across ProtoGENI that was statically pre-provisioned. We plan to next work on integrating the dynamic provision of ProtoGENI resources into this capability. Our GEC7 demo also included dynamic network connections to JGN2 in Japan. Our hope is that we can expand that collaboration in the future to the Japan CoreLab project where they have a PlanetLab infrastructure in place.

For all these inter-substrate and cluster interconnects, the main purpose is on the expansion of user access and to foster diverse researcher collaborations moving forward. The objective of this substrate/aggregate manager integration effort is to create a richer set of resources for users and to expand the opportunities for these collaborations.