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    15 __''MAXREGIONAL: S4.e:  Prototype GENI Topology and Path Computation Services''__[[BR]]
     15__''MAX: S4.e:  Prototype GENI Topology and Path Computation Services''__[[BR]]
    1616  * Initial Prototype:  January 2013
    1717  * Production Ready Service:  May 1, 2013
    3333We have also been working with the GEMINI project to utilize their topology services for stitching services.  They have implemented the ability to dynamically and automatically obtain topology information from the GENI AM API as well as the existing PerfSonar Topology Service.   We have not implemented a mechanism to pull the information from the GEMINI Topology service.  The topology service final design will likely be either based on extending what we currently have embedded in the SCS or via utilizing the GEMINI Topology Service. During the next reporting period we will finalize the plan for the GENI Topology Service and continue with implementation.
     35__''MAX: S4.f:  Prototype shared GENI Stitching Workflow Service, based on Omni libstitch library, and use it from Omni, and make it available to Flack''__[[BR]]
     36   * Initial Prototype:  February 2013
     37   * Production Ready Service:  May 1, 2013
     40The Stitching Computation Service (SCS) includes functionality to generate workflow data as part of experimenter RSpec computation requests.  OMNI developers are utilizing this workflow data as input for stitching library which is implemented as part of the OMNI package.  This is currently under test and will be utilized as part of the stitching testing mentioned above as part of milestone S4.e status.
     42We have also worked with the Flack developer to incorporate use of the SCS workflow rules in to Flack provisioning.  This work is still in progress.
     45__''MAX: S4.g:  Update MAX/ION AMs to AM API v3 and to work with above services''__[[BR]]
     46   * Initial Prototype: March 2013
     47   * Production Ready Version:  May 30, 2013
     50The MAX AM update for AM API v3 is now scheduled to occur after GEC 17.    The current focus is on enhancing existing stitching functionality before GEC 17.  In addition, the other GENI Aggregates (ProtoGENI and ExoGENI) are not expected to have GENI AM APIv3 support until after GEC17.  As a result, the current plan is to focus on current stitching features before GEC17, and then add support for GENI AM APIv3 afterwards.
     52__''MAX: S4.h:  Demo an InstaGENI and an ExoGENI rack stitched dynamically together using above services across a backbone at GEC16
     53   * Initial InstaGENI and ExoGENI stitching demonstration:  March 2013 (GEC 16)
     54   * Experimenter ready InstaGENI and ExoGENI stitching capability:  May 30, 2013
     57We demonstrated stitching between InstaGENI Racks at BBN and ProtoGENI main resources connected across ION during GEC16.  This included a slice topology with three GENI AMs.  The details for this demonstration are available here:
     59   *
     61ExoGENI racks which supported stitching were not available before GEC 16.  We hope to be able to demonstrate stitching with ExoGENI racks as part of GEC 17 demonstrations.