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    55=== A. Milestones status ===
    7 __''MAXREGIONAL: S4.c: Demonstration at GEC15''__[[BR]]
    8 (10/31/12) (complete)[[BR]]
    9 Work with Internet2 and MAX to deploy a stitching prototype ION/DYNES AM and a stitching prototype MAX AM that provides appropriate functions for an end-to-end stitching demo between MAX and CRON. (CRON AM is covered under CRON SOW.) Assumptions: This deployment will be of ION/DYNES AM based on MAX AM.
     7__''MAX: S4.d: Continue to federate the MAX Network with GENI and make it available to GENI experimenters, as well as for testing and demonstrations of network stitching in GENI''__[[BR]]
     8 (complete)[[BR]]
     9  * Implement the GENI RSpec v3
     10  * Provide resources to experimenter credentials signed by one of the GENI slice authorities
    12 In this demonstration we showed multi-aggregate stitching between the MAX, ION, CRON, LONI, and ProtoGENI Aggregates.  Use of the MAX Aggregate Manager (AM) which is compatible with the GENIv3 RSpec formats was demonstrated. Instances of the MAX AM were utilized to cover ION and LONI networks.  This functionality was described in the context of the larger multi-aggregate stitching architecture vision consisting of a GENI Topology Service, Computation Service, GENI AM APIv3, and multi-aggregate slice instantiation workflows.
    14 More detailed descriptions of this demonstration, including example RSpecs and demo scripts are located here:
    16    *  ====> GEC15
    18 We are now working with Internet2 to have the ION GENI AM capability formally deployed and managed by the Internet2 NOC on a trial basis. 
    20 This milestone is complete.
     13The MAX AM has been upgraded to be compatible with GENI RSpec v3.  The MAX GENI AM is also been federated with ProtoGENI and PlanetLab.  Experimenters are able to utilize credentials and slices from those aggregates to instantiate experiments.  We still need to update the MAX information on the Aggregate Information page on the GENI Wiki.
    23 __''MAXREGIONAL: S4.d: MAX is an operational GENI aggregate''__[[BR]]
     16__''MAXREGIONAL: S4.e:  Prototype GENI Topology and Path Computation Services''__[[BR]]
    2417(GEC15) (10/25/12)(partially complete) [[BR]]
    25    * Implement the GENI AM API v3
    26    * Provide resources to experimenter credentials signed by one of the GENI slice authorities
    27    * Agree to the GENI Aggregate Providers Agreement
    28    * Updated description of the MAX aggregate on the GENI wiki including a description of resources available to experimenters.
     18  * Initial Prototype:  January 2013
     19  * Production Ready Service:  May 1, 2013
     20  * Prototype GENI Topology and Path Computation Services (previous SOW is just for a design)