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    3535   * Organize workshop on network stitching (if the community feels a need for such a workshop). This workshop would be similar in focus and objectives to the GEC10 workshop.
     38We completed the first and second items of this milestone via our poster at the GEC11 Poster and Networking Session (there was no Demonstration Session at this GEC).  We also demonstrated the MAX Aggregate Manager (AM) as part of a demonstration during the Network Stitching Session.   This poster and demonstration showed how the MAX AM supports the standard GENI AM API and is federated with PlanetLab Central and ProtoGENI.   OMNI Client requests were used to submit requests to the MAX AM Manager as part of a three aggregate slice instantiation operation including the MAX, Internet2 ION, and ProtoGENI Aggregate.  The Internet2 ION AM was a second instantiation of the MAX AM software which was responsible for provision of dynamic VLAN circuits on Internet2 ION.  Details on this demo and the associated MAX AM Functionality are available here:
     40   *  ===> GEC11
     42This includes slides, the Demonstration Poster, Slice RSpecs, and description of using OMNI client to instantiate a slice which includes resources on three aggregates - MAX, ProtoGENI, and Internet2 ION.
     44For the third item we organized a GENI Stitching Workshop which was held at GEC11.  This included many pre-GEC11 activities including document preparation, teleconferences, and other workshop planning activities.  The following web sites contain additional information about the workshop preparation and workshop event.
     46   * Pre-Workshop Preparations:<br>
     48   * GEC11 Stitching Workshop:<br>
     51__MAX.S3.f:  Updated white paper on network stitching in GENI__
     52   * Provide an updated white paper on network stitching
     53   * Document via web pages the various options and techniques for network stitching
     54   * Participate in review discussion of this information via telecon.
     55   * Provide assistance to others who are interested in applying or using network stitching as part of their activities.