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Project Title

GENI Enabled Software Defined Exchange (GENI-SDX)

Technical Contacts

PI: Tom Lehman, tlehman at

Xi Yang, maxyang at

Participating Organizations

University of Maryland / Mid-Atlantic Crossroads


This objective of this project is to develop and deploy GENI enabled Software Defined Exchanges (SDXs). This includes developing an operational SDX Aggregate Manager (AM) that can be deployed at existing and new exchange points. This activity includes deployment of a GRAM based MAX Aggregate Manager (GRAM/MAX-AM) on the Washington International Exchange (WIX). The larger vision for the GENI Enabled SDX is one that includes integrated network, storage, and compute resources.

Current Capabilities

A GENI Enabled Software Defined Exchange (SDX) is currently deployed at the Washington International Exchange (WIX). This includes a GRAM based MAX Aggregate manager which leverages the UMD/MAX developed StackV ( open source model driven orchestration system. This system allows for the GENI based dynamic provision of WIX cross-connects with integrated connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources. The connections to AWS resources leverage a MAX provided DirectConnect service and can be attached to user defined Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or other AWS resources.

The diagram below show the architecture of the WIX SDX.

Presentations and Demonsrations

  • GENI Engineering Conference (GEC) 24
    March 8-9, 2016
    Arizona State University
    Phoenix, Arizona

This demonstration showed a very early prototype for a GENI enabled Software Defined Exchange (SDX) which utilizes Network Service Interface (NSI) for network element control, and includes public cloud resources from Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of GENI Stitched topologies. The work demonstrated here is driven by a vision for future R&E cyberinfrastructure that consists of an ecosystem of ad hoc and dynamically federated Software Defined Exchanges (SDXs) and Software Defined ScienceDMZs services. GENI technologies are leveraged in the form of the MAX Aggregate Manager which utilizes the GENI Rack Aggregate Manager (GRAM) software for GENI Federation functions. This MAX/GRAM AM utilizes the Open Grid Forum (OGF) NSI protocol to provision services across the network elements within the Washington International Exchange (WIX) located in McLean, Virginia and the MAX Regional Network. The demonstration poster is located here: GEC 24 GENI Enabled SDX Poster

GEC24 Poster - GENI Enabled WIX SDX?

  • Global Experimentation for Future Internet (GEFI) Workshop
    April 18-21 2016
    Brussels, Belgium
  • GENI Network Innovators Community Event (NICE) Conference
    December 12, 2016
    Irvine California
  • GENI Engineering Conference (GEC) 25
    March 15-15, 2016
    Florida International University
    Miami, Florida.


The project milestones and status are defined in the reports listed in the below "Reports" section.


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