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GENI layer1transport service


These pages explain how to install and use the layer1transport service. This service is used to implement layer-1-style forwarding through OpenFlow-enabled switches using user-defined match criteria. Think along the lines of an operator-facing service that sets up and maintains pseudowires based on some combination of ingress-port/egress-port, DPID, VLAN ID, subnet, etc. The flows for forwarding this traffic are statically defined in files for the service to manage.

The GPO wants to provide GENI experimenters with a view of a pure OpenFlow network on the mesoscale VLANs, and the layer1transport package is one tool that administrators can use to provide such a view of the network to experimenters. MAC address learning on point-to-point VLANs that pass through non-OF switches can interfere with certain forwarding patterns that are possible in pure OpenFlow network. One specific place we see this problem is on non-OF VLANs that are used for VLAN translation on the OpenFlow Core switches.

Current version

The current available version of the layer1transport service is: 1.0.0.

This version of the layer1transport service uses Floodlight and the Static Flow Pusher service that is distributed with Floodlight.

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