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These pages explain how to install and use the layer1transport service. This service is used to implement layer-1-style forwarding through OpenFlow-enabled switches using user-defined match criteria. Think along the lines of a service that sets up and maintains pseudowires based on some combination of ingress-port/egress-port, DPID, VLAN ID, subnet, etc. The flows for forwarding this traffic are statically defined in files for the service to manage.

The GPO wants to provide the experimenter with a view of a pure OpenFlow network on the mesoscale VLANs. MAC address learning on point-to-point VLANs that pass through non-OF switches can interfere with certain forwarding patterns that are possible in pure OpenFlow network. One specific place we see this problem is on non-OF VLANs that are used for VLAN translation on the OpenFlow Backbone switches.

The current implementation of this service uses Floodlight and the Static Flow Pusher service that is distributed with Floodlight.

Current version

The current available version of the layer1transport service is 1.0.0.

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