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    5252[wiki:LEFA-QSR-1Q10 March 2010 Status Report]
     53LEFA Project Status Report
     54Period: April 2010 – June 2010
     56I. Major accomplishments
     57Developed an approach to interacting with portal-based access controls in GENI.
     59A. Milestones achieved
     60The federation knot paper continues to circulate.  The distinctions and   relationships between federated identity and federated control planes are being sharpened in the GENI community.
     62B. Deliverables made
     63        Setting up demo for GEC8.
     65II. Description of work performed during last quarter
     67A. Activities and findings
     68•       Worked with ORCA and central IT staff at Duke to implement Shibboleth environment for ORCA staff to explore and learn from.
     69•       Worked with Planetlab deployer in Romania to incorporate Shibboleth IDP into Plantelab node.
     70•       Worked with BBN staff discussing Shibboleth, its model, and how it could be incorporated into GENI security architecture and add value.
     71•       Working with PMO and Duke to define and develop demo for GEC8.
     72•       Working with various people to begin implementing the set of services that will comprise the demo.
     73•       Participated and presented in the NSF FIRE workshop at Princeton in May.
     74•       Discussed the GENI opportunities and impacts with leading research universities CIOs in May.
     76B. Project participants
     77Ken Klingenstein (internet2), Principal Investigator: 
     78project direction, federation analysis, white paper development, participant in GENI CF discussions, liaison with Steve Sch of Cobham and service as project laison to the GPO
     80Steven Carmody (Brown University), Senior IT Architect at Brown University and Project Manager of Internet2's Shibboleth Project: 
     81focus on engagement with ORCA and Planetlab on technical issues
     83C. Publications (individual and organizational)
     85D. Outreach activities
     87E. Collaborations
     88ORCA control framework.
     89A federated Planetlab in Romania.
     91F. Other Contributions
     93III.  Budget
     95A.      Invoiced as of 6/15/10:  $10,927 which is ~34% of the budget
     96B.      Delta from original
     97•       another $2600 was expended for work during the end of June but not yet invoiced to GENI and travel expenses will be spent for travel to GEC8 for presenting the Shib demo.
     98•       expenditures are slightly behind original budget which was projected over six months rather than one year so deliverables still expected to be completed by end of grant year.
    54103=== Spiral 2 Connectivity ===