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    1717== Quick Start ==
     19This section will guide you through creating and starting a slice, requesting a LAMP services certificate for you slice, uploading your experiment's topology to [ UNIS], and setting up the instrumentation and measurement of your slice.
     21=== Few words on the LAMP I&M System design ===
     23It is useful to understand the general principles behind the steps we will take throughout this tutorial. The LAMP I&M System is built on top of three pillars:
     25- LAMP Portal: The LAMP Portal is the goto resource for experimenters to manage and visualize their I&M services and data. The portal is deployed with the LAMP image and will usually be enabled through the initial RSpec configuration for the experiment. The portal can run on any node or (nodes) within the slice. The LAMP Portal is derived from the Web Admin component of the pS-Performance Toolkit 3.2 RC1 (although not required, looking at the [ comprehensive Quick Start guide] of the pS Toolkit can be very useful to understand the LAMP I&M System setup).
     27- UNIS and Topology-based Configuration: xxxxxxx
     29- perfSONAR-PS software suite: xxxxx
     32All the services on the LAMP I&M System have Authentication and Authorization (AA) capabilities based on the ProtoGENI AA model. See our [ AA page] for more information.