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    2626* LAMP Portal: The LAMP Portal is the goto resource for experimenters to manage and visualize their I&M services and data. The portal is deployed with the LAMP image and will usually be enabled through the initial RSpec configuration for the experiment. The portal can run on any node or (nodes) within the slice. The LAMP Portal is derived from the Web Admin component of the pS-Performance Toolkit 3.2 RC1 (although not required, looking at the [ comprehensive Quick Start guide] of the pS Toolkit can be very useful to understand the LAMP I&M System setup).
    28 * UNIS and Topology-based Configuration: xxxxxxx
    30 * I&M software (measurement tools and perfSONAR services): xxxxx
     28* UNIS and Topology-based Configuration: The Unified Network Information Service (UNIS) is the most important component of the LAMP architecture. For those familiar with perfSONAR, this service is the combination of the Lookup Service and the Topology Service of the perfSONAR framework. We use UNIS to store the topology data of our slice, and services register themselves so that they can be found dynamically. The configuration of the LAMP services is done through annotations on the topology data. Through the LAMP Portal we configure our services and upload the modified topology to UNIS. The configuration pushed to UNIS is then fetched by the perfSONAR-PS pSConfig service that runs on each node. The pSConfig service will parse the configuration for the node and make all necessary changes.
     30* I&M software (measurement tools and perfSONAR services): The LAMP I&M System wouldn't be possible without leveraging the existing measurement tools and the mature perfSONAR-PS software suite. The LAMP I&M System derives directly from pS-Performance Toolkit and the perfSONAR-PS services. See the web page for the [ perfSONAR-PS project] for more information.