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     418We can see that our Ping latency has been varying from 0.5 to 2.5 ms for the past 2 hours. (Note that the date is time, this is a bug that we will fix soon.) This should, however, raise a red flag! We had asked on our RSpec for a link with 100ms latency. Something is wrong with our slice! (If you do not believe us, run ping manually from node1 to node2, but you can trust us :).
     420This is one of the reasons instrumentation and measurement is so important. We could be doing our experiments thinking we had one environment and actually be running on one with completely different parameters! But lets move on to the other data we have been collected.
     422==== Visualizing Throughput Data  ====
     424We proceed in the same was as with the PingER MA. You can click on the ''Throughput'' visualization link, or go directly to the ''Registered Services'' page. We now ''Query'' the PSB_BWCTL service on node2.
     428Ah! This looks familiar. We can see our test and its parameters, and we also see a 1 week summary of the bandwidth for our test. We have two options of graphs, the Line Graph and Scatter Graph. Let's see both (1 Day).