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LAMP Project Status Report

Period: Jul 2011 - Sep 2011

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

  • Completed S3.g milestone
  • Completed S3.h milestone

B. Deliverables made

  • Updated LAMP software
  • Demonstration at GEC11
  • MDOD pS schema for I&M

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

Activity: Updated versions of LAMP Images for GENI, including updated GUIs using the University of Delaware Periscope interface (Jul/Aug 2011)

  • N/A

Activity: Internet2 staff and University of Delaware students attended the previous GEC (11) in July of 2011.

  • Updates on the LAMP project were given in some of the sessions including a graduate student research forum, a cluster C update, and the Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) working group.

Activity: LAMP participants assisted BBN staff in advancing the work of the I&M working group by providing examples of a proposed measurement and communication schema based on XML concepts.

  • This work provided the basis for conversation during the formal working group session, and side meetings treated as working sessions. These schemata are expected to be discussed at future meetings, and are based heavily on the proposed I&M architecture.

Activity: LAMP participants at the University of Delaware and UKY began discussion on integrating the LAMP components into the Flack management system for protogeni.

  • This will allow easier integration of the LAMP components into the GENI experiment process, and avoid the need to use dedicated operating system images.

Activity: Alterations were made to existing LAMP documentation and tutorials, fulfilling the milestones that described this task. Findings:

  • N/A

B. Project participants

The following are active participants in the project:

  • Martin Swany – PI
  • Eric Boyd – Co-PI
  • Guilherme Fernandes – Research Assistant
  • Ezra Kissel – Research Assistant
  • Jason Zurawski - Internet2

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

No publications done so far.

D. Outreach activities

  • Continued involvement with the protogeni-users list to support LAMP software and usage.

E. Collaborations

Collaborations are ongoing with Utah’s ProtoGENI Team, the Instrumentation Tools project from the University of Kentucky, and GENI’s I&M Working Group. Further collaborations are expected with other I&M projects of Cluster C.

F. Other Contributions