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LAMP Project Status Report

Period: Apr 2011 - Jun 2011

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

  • Completed 3s.f milestone

B. Deliverables made

  • Updated LAMP software

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

Activity: Plan for deploying perfSONAR to monitor ProtoGENI backbone nodes

  • The existing perfSONAR monitoring (SNMP polling) will be extended to include the recently added ProtoGENI nodes.
  • Additional monitoring will include metrics beyond switch counter polling depending on the capabilities at each PoP.

Activity: Merging of upstream software updates (perfSONAR-PS) into LAMP deliverable (April 2011)

  • N/A

Activity: Updated database access and functionality for LAMP Measurement Archive serving "GANGLIA" host data (April 2011)

  • N/A

Activity: Editing and content additions to LAMP Installation Guide for GENI experimenters (April/May 2011)

  • N/A

Activity: Editing and content additions to the GENI I&M Working Group Architectural framework (May/June 2011)

  • N/A

Activity: Updated versions of LAMP Images for GENI, including updated GUIs using the University of Delaware Periscope interface (May/June 2011)

  • N/A

B. Project participants

The following are active participants in the project:

  • Martin Swany – PI
  • Eric Boyd – Co-PI
  • Guilherme Fernandes – Research Assistant
  • Ezra Kissel – Research Assistant
  • Jason Zurawski - Internet2

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

No publications done so far.

D. Outreach activities

  • Continued involvement with the protogeni-users list to support LAMP software and usage.

E. Collaborations

Collaborations are ongoing with Utah’s ProtoGENI Team, the Instrumentation Tools project from the University of Kentucky, and GENI’s I&M Working Group. Further collaborations are expected with other I&M projects of Cluster C.

F. Other Contributions