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    1616=== A. Activities and findings ===
    18 '''Activity:''' Ongoing discussions with Utah’s ProtoGENI team regarding topology representation in ProtoGENI’s RSpec schema.  [[BR]]
    19 '''Description:''' [[BR]]
     18'''Activity:''' Discussions with I&M WG and Utah’s ProtoGENI team regarding measurement and topology representation (RSpec).  [[BR]]
     19'''Description:''' LAMP project members believe that leveraging the existing topology (referred to as UNIS schema in this document) used by projects like perfSONAR, Inter-Domain Controller Protocol (and thus Internet2’s ION, OSCARS and GÉANT2 AutoBAHN), Phoebus, among others, to represent the topology elements in GENI’s RSpec and related schemas would provide several benefits (e.g. a more general and tested topology model, easier integration with Measurement and O&M planes). One of the overarching goals of the LAMP project is to leverage perfSONAR to create interoperability between the different I&M systems, and work towards a unified measurement architecture for GENI. [[BR]]
     21 * Martin Swany gave a presentation on UNIS at RSpec Meeting at GEC10.  A general consensus has been reached that the ProtoGENI RSpec will be adopted as the general RSpec within GENI.  There was recognition of the fact that the core RSpec cannot currently represent all current and future use-cases and that the core specification should remain easily extensible using a namespacing extension mechanism.
     22 * Martin Swany served on the I&M WG panel.  No general consensus was reached.  The perfSONAR measurement schema was discussed as a likely contender to provide a common measurement representation across CFs.
    2224'''Activity:''' Network monitoring of the ProtoGENI backbone using perfSONAR. [[BR]]
    23 '''Description:'''
    24 [[BR]][[BR]]
    25 '''Activity:''' Collaborating with other I&M projects on a common GENI I&M architecture and measurement and topology schema. [[BR]]
    26 '''Description:''' [[BR]]
    27 '''Findings: ''' [[BR]]
     25'''Description:'''We have started a measurement infrastructure of the ProtoGENI backbone using perfSONAR. The infrastructure is currently retrieving SNMP data from the HP switches in Internet2’s Washington, Salt Lake and Kansas PoPs. The data is made available to Utah’s ProtoGENI team through perfSONAR’s SNMP MA and related GUIs.
     27 * This service has been working continuously since the last quarter.
     28 * We plan to expand the monitoring to include the newly added ProtoGENI backbone nodes at additional I2 POPs.
     29 * There has been a modest increase in monitored use as some experiments begin to run across the backbone nodes.