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KanseiSensorNet Project Status Report

Period: 1Q10

I. Major accomplishments

  • GENI-fied NetEye testbed at Wayne State University using the KanseiGenie installer.
  • Extended Researcher Portal to support basic federated use of both Kansei and NetEye testbeds
  • Successfully demonstrated the Kansei and NetEye federation at GEC7
  • Refined KanseiGenie installer
  • Completed plan for connecting Kansei and NetEye to Internet2
  • Refined the definition of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) RSpec
  • Assisted OKGem project in using KanseiGenie installer
  • Worked with cluster D and GPO to identify strategies for GENI resource specification

A. Milestones achieved

  • KANSEI: S2.a Remote access
    • Done
  • KANSEI: S2.b Cluster plan for VLANs between testbeds
    • Done
  • KANSEI: S2.c Extend researcher portal to support workflow management
    • Done
  • KANSEI: S2.d Extend researcher portal for use with Kansei and NetEye
    • Done
  • KANSEI: S2.e Bring up NetEye testbed at WSU
    • Done
  • KANSEI: S2.f Connections from Kansei and NetEye to Internet2
    • Done
  • KANSEI: S2.g Import extended ORCA v2.1 (Due 07/20/10)
  • KANSEI: S2.h Demo experiment using Kansei and NetEye (Due 07/20/10)
  • KANSEI: S2.i Collaborate with GMOC (Due 08/31/10)
  • KANSEI: S2.j POC to GENI response team
    • Done
  • KANSEI: S2.k POC to GENI security team
    • Done
  • KANSEI: S2.l Contribution to GENI outreach (Due 08/31/10)
    • Work in progress

B. Deliverables made

  • KanseiGenie researcher portal for federated use of Kansei and NetEye

  • GENI-fied NetEye

  • Version 1.1 of KanseiGenie installer

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

  • Summary of accomplishments related to GENI-fying NetEye using KanseiGenie installer:
    • Cloned the stargate aggregate manager on linux-featured laptops in NetEye
    • Cloned the KanseiGenie server directors on NetEye server
    • Customized the KanseiGenie webportal to support outside user’s experiment request on NetEye
    • Cloned the KanseiGenie aggregate manager
    • Customized the KanseiGenie measurement tools to generate the visualized link quality figures in NetEye
    • Deployed the four ORCA actors at three different sites: Kansei borker running in RENCI clearinghouse; Kansei and NetEye site authority running at OSU and WSU; Kansei service manager running at OSU
    • Ported the Kansei handler and controller to NetEye
  • Summary of accomplishments related to extending KanseiGenie researcher portal for federated use of Kansei and NetEye:
    • Redesigned Portal to make it site independent and reconfigurable at run time. Portal can connect and manage any Site running KanseiGenie software specified in a ‘config’ file
    • Automatic reformatting of the display, based on number of Sites specified in the Portal
    • Portal keeps track of federated slice, resources and experiment status
    • Portal Keeps track of common ‘user files’ available across multiple Sites
  • Summary of accomplishments related to refining KanseiGenie installer
    • A new module called UserTools created which is platform dependent
    • A new aggregate manager for Linux PCs created (which has been tested on Fedora and Ubuntu systems)
    • Stargate aggregate manager restructured for more clarity
    • Reported the KanseiGenie installation bugs to trac site and provided the fix to all the known bugs/problems
    • Provided the feedback to enhance the KanseiGenie cloned system
  • Summary of accomplishments related to refining KanseiGenie RSpec
    • Identified the principles and mechanisms for WSN RSpec
    • Developed basic ontology and NDL extensions for WSN RSpec
    • Presented our results on WSN RSpec at the RSpec workshop of GEC7
  • Summary of accomplishments related to assisting OkGems project to use KanseiGenie installer
    • OkGems porting effort supported through many weekly and on-demand conference calls to clarify KanseiGenie design
    • Porting bugs resolved through email and online ‘trac’ bug tracking system
    • Created or modified documentation for more clarity
    • Aggreagate Manager customization for !OKGems aggregate.

A. Activities and findings

The following tasks are ongoing:

  • Import ORCA Bella
  • Implement fine-grain resource description and discovery for Kansei and NetEye
  • Federated demo of Kansei and NetEye with cross-site data exchange
  • GENI outreach

B. Project participants


  • Anish Arora
  • Rajiv Ramnath
  • Hongwei Zhang
  • Vipul Gupta
  • Sami Ayyorgun


  • Mukundan Sridharan
  • Wenjie Zeng
  • Xi Ju

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

A paper on KanseiGenie has been accepted by TridentComm’10.

D. Outreach activities

  • Presented KanseiGenie and NetEye to visitors from GM Research, Feb. 2010 (Wayne State University)
  • Presented KanseiGenie and NetEye to visitors from Carnegie Mellon University, Feb. 2010 (Wayne State University)
  • Presented KanseiGenie and NetEye to visitors from Ford Research, March 2010 (Wayne State University)

E. Collaborations

  • Collaborate with Cluster-D projects on GENI RSpec
  • Help the team from Oklahoma State University to port KanseiGenie software package to their testbed

F. Other Contributions

  • Collaborate with Oarnet and Merit Networks for connecting Kansei and NetEye to Internet2