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Testing GEMINI on the GENI desktop using different credentials

I began by going through the GENI desktop tutorial but quickly encountered issues. It was later determined that the rspec in the tutorial is from a previous version(v2) and is no longer supported by UNIS.

My credentials allowed me to access the the GENI desktop quite easily. Launching flack from these credentials was also straight forward. However, when I tried to initialize my slices the results varied drastically. Sometimes they would easily initialize. Other times I would not be able to initialize at all so I would logout of the desktop and log back in. Then it allowed me to initialize my slice.

Once my slice was initialized and I was on the desktop, the instrumentize icon didn't appear. Eventually it did appear when I logged out and then back on. A few times the instrumentizing occurred without me pressing the icon. I had a difficult time getting the graphs to appear also but was eventually able to figure it out.

My portal account did not give me easy access into the GENI desktop. I was able to use copy and paste my credentials into it to gain access. Flack did not save these credentials so when it was launched from the desktop it was not ready to use. It asked for certificates that I am still unsure of.

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