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     320== "Custom Experiment on InstaGENI with GEMINI" ==
     321Tutorial at:   [[BR]]
     323'''The following are issues I encountered or suggested clearification for the tutorial.'''[[BR]]
     325-Setting up PATH in the beginning and knowing where it should go[[BR]]
     326-When it has the user decrypt their key in step 3, the key name from Portal doesn't match the example.[[BR]]
     327-Unclear where Flack should be launched from. With the Portal account I had a difficult time launching Flack from So I launched it from the Portal.[[BR]]
     328-In step 4 where it states "Click on the "i" on each node to configure additional properties, such as the node name and the desired IP addresses", it would be nice if it told you to click on the grey link tab after initially clicking the "i".
     329-In step 4 when it instructs on how to enable GEMINI it says: "To allow for GEMINI instrumentation, enable the GEMINI extensions in the right-most tab as shown in the screenshot." I think it would be clearer if it also acknowledged that the icon is a yellow puzzle piece or had an arrow on the screenshot.[[BR]]
     330-When it's time to renew a slice Omni uses your default project. If that isn't the project you created your slice in, how do you switch projects?[[BR]]
     331-When I tried to call ./ I had to install paramiko using the command "sudo apt-get install python_paramiko".[[BR]]
     332-When I tried to call ./ again I had to use:./ -n KOPhoebusTut -f ~/.ssl/geni_cert_portal.pem -k ~/.ssh/geni_key .There is either a different behavior with the GENI CH certificate or the instructions are not quite right. The private cert in the CH cert file does not work to SSH into the nodes.