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K-GENI Project Status Report

Period: Jan 2010 - Mar 2010

I. Major accomplishments

Network connection between the GMOC project located in Bloomington/Indianapolis Indiana and ETRI/KISTI in Korea was engineered, tested and put into research production.

A. Milestones achieved

Milestone 1 - Identify a PoC for response and escalation: Done. For the initial research portion of this activity with PoC will remain the PI, James Williams. In the longer term, as the connection moves toward production, the PoC will shift to the GlobalNOC.

Milestone 2 – Select network for connection between ETRI –Korea and IU: Done. NLR (and some IU university-owned networking) provide the required network connection.

Milestone 3 – Network connection goes live. Done. The network connection actually went live on/around April 15, 2010. There is a demo planned for GEC8.

Milestone 4 – Playbook version 1.0. This portion of the project has been delayed due to difficulties in hiring an appropriately skilled undergraduate researcher. We have an undergraduate researcher on board now and expect the project to move forward with the same estimated completion date.

B. Deliverables made

Network between ETRI and IU designed, configured and made operational. Demonstration planned for GEC8.

Student hired to begin Playbook development.

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

Network connection between ETRI-Korea and Indiana University put into place.

Undergraduate researcher hired to develop International Connections Playbook.

B. Project participants

James G. Williams – Principal Investigator
Myung Ki Shin – ETRI
Dongkyun Kim - KISTI
Brandon Williams – undergraduate student in Informatics will be developing the International Connections Playbook.

C. Publications (individual and organizational)


D. Outreach activities


E. Collaborations

Planned collaboration with ETRI/KISTI is proceeding without problems. Joint IU-ETRI demonstration planned for GEC 8.

F. Other Contributions