Raven Quarterly Status Report for Q2 2009

Reporting period: Apr 1 - Jun 30 2009

PI: John H. Hartman (University of Arizona)

Major accomplishments

  • Demonstrated software installation via Stork at GEC4.
  • Implemented storkplushd, a daemon that uses Plush to push Stork repository metadata to Stork nest slice.
  • Added functionality to 'sfi' tool to allow delegation of credentials.
  • Deployed 'statuscheck' service for monitoring health of Stork nest slice and Stork client tools in selected slices.
  • Moved Stork repository to VM environment.
  • Updated repository to support deployed geniwrapper.

Description of work performed during last quarter

Activities and findings

We demonstrated basic Stork functionality at GEC4. This involved uploading a new version of a demo package to the Stork repository, which caused all of the nodes in a demo slice to download and install the package, which in turn caused a Google map displaying the package version installed on each node to be updated.

We implemented 'storkplushd' that uses Plush to push out metadata updates to the Stork nest slice. We are currently converting this to use Gush instead of Plush. We started on a longer-term project to develop a transport facility that is independent of the application and supports a variety of transport protocols such as HTTP, BitTorrent, and FTP.

We updated the Stork repository to use the deployed geniwrapper, allowing users to authenticate themselves to the repository using their Geni GID, to view slices using Geni hierarchical names, and to upload packages. We prototyped an extension to the sfi tool to allow uploading of packages via sfi. We also migrated the repository to a VM environment and eventually hope to distribute the repository as a VM image rather than a collection of RPMs.

We made significant progress in supporting 3rd-party package repositories. In this organization the Stork repository only stores metadata for packages, not the packages themselves. Clients use the metadata to download packages from the correct repositories. This will allow Stork users to easily install packages from Yum repositories, e.g. the Fedora repository.

We began work on 'Owl', a slice monitoring service that will monitor the health of processes within slices. This will allow us to monitor the health of the Stork nest slice and the Stork client tools running in user slices, and will allow users to monitor experiment-specific activities in a slice.

We continued to participate in the development of geniwrapper.

Project participants

  • John H. Hartman (University of Arizona)
  • Scott Baker (SB Software)
  • Justin Cappos (University of Washington)
  • Justin Samuel (University of Arizona)
  • Chris Floess (University of Arizona)
  • Jude Nelson (University of Arizona)

Publications (individual and organizational)

  • None.

Outreach activities

  • None.


We worked closely with the following Cluster B members:

  • PlanetLab -- Princeton University
  • GUSH -- Williams College

Other Contributions

  • None.
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