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Become a member of a GENI Project

Now you should be able to login to the portal. However, in order to run experiments in GENI you would need to join or create a project. If you are:

  • a faculty member
  • or a senior technical member in a company or a university

you can become a Project Lead and create your own projects.

Everyone else should join a project created by a Project Lead. You can ask any of your collaborators that fit the above criteria to create a project for you to join.

a. Join a GENI Project

You should only request to join a project if the project lead knows you, as the project lead is taking responsibility for your actions.

After a project is created, you can try and join the project. In order to do that, do the following:

Create a GENI Project
  1. In the Home tab click the Join Project button.
  2. From the list of projects find the one that was created for you or your class and click the Join button.
    Please make sure you select the right name.

b. Create a GENI Project

A GENI account has no privileges outside of a Project; i.e. as long as you are not a member of a GENI Project you can not use any GENI resources. In GENI only Project Leads can create Projects. Any faculty member, or a person in a corresponding position in industry, can request to become a Project Lead and thus have the capability of creating GENI Projects.

Create a GENI Project
  1. In the first page of the portal, press the button Ask to be a Project Lead.
  2. In the Modify Account page that follows, fill in your telephone number; this is necessary for people that want to become Project Leads. Be sure the box at the bottom of the page that says Make me a 'Project Lead' is checked, and press the Modify Account button.
  3. Wait until you receive an email that your request has been approved.
  • In the ''Projects'' tab click the Create New Project button.
  • Fill in the form.
    NOTE: The expiration field is optional; you should complete it if you are creating a Project for a class or a tutorial and want the project and experiments to expire. If you are creating a Project for your own research you don't have to fill in this field.
  • Press the Create Project button.
  • Add members to your Project

    [Image(GENIExperimenter/Tutorials/Graphics/warning-icon-hi.png, 10%)]You should only add people to your project that you know.
    Remember that when you approve a project join request, you agree that the project lead will be held responsible for all GENI actions this person takes in this project.

    There are different ways that other people can join your project:

    1. You can add people to your project from the portal project page by:
      1. Inviting your collaborators (by pressing the corresponding button). This will send a customized email to the invitees with to a link to request to join your project. You will have to approve these requests.
      2. Adding many collaborators in bulk (by pressing the corresponding button). This will automatically add people with active portal accounts or send a default email to people with no accounts. You have to take no further action.
    2. People can ask to join your project and you can decide whether to approve their request. Remember, you should only approve requests from people you know