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Ping-Pong Example


In this experiment, you will establish a communication protocol within a community. We use a middleware called LGI (Law-governed interaction) to implement and enforce the protocol. LGI is developed by Naftaly Minsky of Rutgers University. For more information about LGI, please refer to here.

The protocol we want to establish is a message exchange protocol, at application level, somewhat analogous to the flow control discipline of TCP/IP. We allow the exchange of two types of messages: ping messages, which might represent such things as a question, or a request; and pong messages, used as a reply to a previously received ping messages. The ping-pong policy regulates the flow of messages between any two actors x, y as follows: x cannot send any pong message to y unless y has previously sent a ping message to x; and x cannot send a second ping message to y unless y answers with a pong message to x following the initial ping.

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